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Subject Coincidences in My Life While Researching the Satanic Conspiracy
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Original Message For more than a decade I have been researching the global Satanic conspiracy and I believe it to be true, and that it runs deeper than most people would imagine (entertainment industry, education, etc). I have a popular website about exposing the agenda.

There have been some "coincidences" in my life recently that I believe might not be coincidences at all, but some sort of spiritual or divine intervention to confirm that everything I have researched over the years is indeed true.

In this post I will describe the first "coincidence." I apologize in advance for being vague, but I feel it's necessary.

A few years ago a relative of mine became acquaintances with a popular professional athlete. I was invited to the athlete's mansion for a party.

It was at this party that I met a man who was involved with the music industry. He told me that he used to be part of a very successful record label, working with artists you have all heard of, and that he was still friends and did business with many players in the industry.

After I learned who he was I knew I had to at least try to ask him some questions because it's not every day you meet someone like that who knows what he could possibly know. Since I had a few drinks in me I wasn't nervous and didn't hesitate to just go for it.

I started to explain to him the weird satanic/illuminati/occult events and symbolism happening at the time in the music industry. I figured I would have a better chance of getting information out of him if I acted like it was kind of ridiculous and that I didn't even believe it, so I asked him something along the lines of "So is there anything to all of this Satanic crap? Or is it just conspiracy theorists making stuff up on the Internet?"

He was quiet and seemed uncomfortable from the moment I started talking about all of this. After my question to him he sort of just looked down at his phone and mumbled something about "Man, well you know, conspiracy theorists will (inaudible, inaudible)." I thought, okay that didn't really go anywhere, so I decided to ask him one last time. I laughed and said something like "Yea, but seriously man, is there anything to any of that stuff?"

Instead of addressing my question, this is when he seemed to "wake up" out of nowhere, all of the sudden he was very interested in me, as if I was the only one there (there were about 5 other people in the room). He sat up holding up a fancy diamond necklace towards me that he had been looking at asking me things like "This is nice huh?" "This cost twenty-five thousand." "You like nice things like this?"

The crazy thing is while he was asking me about it he was holding the necklace with two hands so that the necklace was in the shape of a triangle, and from where I was standing I could only see one of his eyes inside the triangle towards the top. So here I am staring at this guy who is giving off totally evil creepy vibes and he's basically looking at me through the eye in the pyramid. Now maybe he was doing this on purpose to mess with me, but at that same time a very strange feeling came over me, almost like I was being hypnotized by him. I could feel that he was projecting the feelings of evil and greed onto me and that all he cared about was money. I can't even really explain in words the way I felt at that moment but I was convinced that there was something wrong with this man, that he was possibly even possessed.

Shortly after this took place it was time for my relative and I to leave. We said bye to everyone and one of our hosts there walked us out the door, and as I walked towards the door I looked at the music industry man as he sat there and he was staring right back at me with an evil look that seemed to pierce right through me until I walked out the door and couldn't see him anymore.

This probably doesn't sound like much to you, and it's hard to describe, especially while being vague, but considering this man's history and the people he has been around I was convinced that I struck a nerve with him when I brought up the Satanic subject and was citing evidence to him. I believe he knew that what I was saying was true and that it was the first of other "coincidences" to come in my life to show me that it's all real.

If anyone even cares about this let me know and I'll post the next coincidence.
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