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Original Message [link to farganne.wordpress.com]

The writer here, James Farganne, agrees with Jim Stone, and puts it all together again.

Lest We Forget The First Time We Got Fooled...




On July 20, 2012, we were given by our lamestream media to believe that a timid graduate student with no firearms experience switcherooed into ultimate commando mode and shot up a theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.

According to the talking heads, he certainly dressed for the occasion, wearing thousands of dollars of military-grade body armor that he could not have sourced nor afforded. Somehow he also possessed the expertise to trick out his apartment with elaborate booby traps. Yet after being apprehended, drooling and dazed, slumped over the steering wheel of his car, he warned the cops about the booby traps — because hey, that’s why he had gone to all the trouble of setting them up in the first place. So that no one would get hurt. That’s obvious, right?

The alleged shooter, James Egan Holmes, claimed to have no memory of the shooting, nor of much else in the recent weeks of his life. That incongruous patch of orange hair above his confused face and vacant eyes came off as contrived – pathetic – unreal, at the end of the day. Many commented on his drugged comportment. He showed symptoms of having been poisoned with scopolamine – a mind control drug that strips its victims of free will, and often leaves them in a state of amnesia.

Then there were the Aurora police tapes. The Aurora cops were not responding to any sort of emergency. Instead, in ho-hum fashion, they were enacting a drill for a theater shooting scenario. At one point, they discussed where they were going to place the “families” of the “victims” for a photo op.

Then there were the surreal photos of people grinning within arm’s reach of the bereaved. You can see the photos, hear the police tapes, and learn a great deal more by reviewing Jim Stone’s argument that the whole thing was a staged psyop. That report is here: [link to www.tards] My summary of that report, which also ties in the claim of one witness that Aurora police chief Dan Oates shot her and coerced her into testifying that Holmes did it, can be found here: [link to www.henrymakow.com]

Fast forward to the Sandy Hook shooting. The official story is so hole-riddled, the narrative so badly botched, it makes the Aurora production look downright slick. If you have not done so already, review Clare Keuhn’s “Newtown Massacre Major Discrepancies List”. I can’t help but conclude that, at minimum, Adam Lanza did not murder all those children – if any were murdered at all. After all, the children’s bodies were never produced. Why on earth not? Stone has gone so far as to speculate that they ended up on the child sex slave market. I know, I know, that’s too horrible a possibility to entertain – but in reality such markets do exist, and the children must be sourced, so entertain it we must.

After all the inconsistencies outlined in Keuhn’s list, as if our intelligence had not already been insulted beyond pardon, we were treated to that enraging blooper wherein Robbie Parker, “father” of a “victim”, was shown grinning at the producers before “getting into character” as he stepped up to the mic. If this development alone is not enough to make you at least consider the possibility that the whole thing was a wag-the-dog charade, then I would say you didn’t take just one blue pill. You must have downed the whole bottle.

Now, to the title of this article: as if things couldn’t get any weirder, it emerged that the words “Sandy Hook” had appeared (on a map) in the damned Batman movie that was playing at the Aurora shooting. Have you ever been ridiculed for suggesting that such connections might be meaningful? Well, here is possible vindication for you. I mean, it’s not as though the second shooting happened in a town called Springfield, or in a major hub like New York or Chicago. Sandy Hook is a very obscure place name. What are the chances that it would appear as the only visible place name on a map in the Batman movie that provided both the setting for the Aurora shooting and the inspiration for the killer’s orange hair? Can we pass this off as mere coincidence?


The rest of the article deals with Sandy Hook.
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