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Subject My Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Reasearched Conspiracy Theories/General Coincidences
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Original Message I posted a link to my blog in another thread ( Thread: A Sandy Hook Youtube Video Based on Real Anamolies and Not Opinion but a lot of people are complaining about the background color. I will paste the content here (without pictures, videos, and a few links that GLP won't let me make).

If you'd like to see the pics that go with the post please see the original blog here:
[link to krystle-ann.blogspot.com]



1- Previous articles give interview with old babysitter who says mom didn't trust Adam to be left alone, even to use the bathroom. ( [link to newsone.com]

This is years before his downward spiral of living in the basement and having an apparent gun/violent video game obsession. ( [link to www.nypost.com]

Yet Nancy apparently felt it was fine to go on short trips by herself, leaving him home alone for days at a time?

She had such a trip a few days arriving back home the night before the school shooting:

( [link to www.nypost.com]

2- I hope to see some proof in future that Adam Lanza went to shooting ranges with his mother. Most places have video surveillance, no?

2a) “He says she took her son with her to the gun range because, she said, she couldn't always leave him at home.” (Again, then why would she then feel it fine to take off days at a time?)

( [link to www.cnn.com]

2b) His mother apparently contributed to his mentally-imbalanced downward spiral by bringing him to shooting ranges and let him hole himself up in a basement obsessing over guns/video games? (In essence she then helped to enable a “monster” capable enough of pulling off the events that took place. This almost seems like an all-too-convenient-patsy-story to me.. and I'm sure to others.)

2c) Then we have family member saying he was fine a few months before the tragedy:

“His aunt, Marsha Lanza, said her nephew was raised by kind, nurturing parents who would not have hesitated to seek mental help for him if he needed it.

She described Nancy Lanza as a good and kind-hearted mother and said if Lanza – who she last saw in June – had needed counseling, she would have got him it.” ( [link to www.dailyrecord.co.uk]

So which is it? Balanced or off the rails?

3- Any information on origin on horrible infamous Adam Lanza yearbook picture??

Wikipedia says it’s a yearbook photo sent by mass media (NBC for cropping from yearbook.)

( [link to en.wikipedia.org]

If he looked like that back in high school, then why wasn’t he really getting the help he obviously needed at the time?! The black and whites out there make him appear even creepier, but this very apparent "original" yearbook photograph represents him as one frightening looking individual in my opinion.

4- Who owns the car that Adam supposedly drove to school in (and who is it registered to)?

Newest reports say a “Lanza relative”? ( Thread: Story Changes on who owned the car Lanza allegedly used; it was his mom, now it's "a relative".

5- Infamous Batman reference:

Of course that’s a very strange coincidence, but then I recently learned of the actual prop master from Batman, Scott Getzinger, living in Newtown that had died this past April in a car accident. (I actually blogged about it when I heard about it: [link to krystle-ann.blogspot.com]

The same man that would presumably be responsible for having the neon “Aurora” lit up sign on top of the skyscraper and the Sandy Hook strike zone on map.

I may be looking too deeply into this, but this sticks out from that article:

"Getzinger suffered multiple broken bones, but was described as conscious and alert after being cut out of the 2002 Ford F-150 pickup truck he was driving. State police initially characterized his injuries as non-life threatening.”

( [link to www.stamfordadvocate.com]

Again, this can be reasoned away since these things do happen in cases of violent accidents (I hate to mention her as an example; but Natasha Richardson, etc.)…

The ties to Aurora, Colorado shooting and Sandy Hook shooting don’t just stop at the Batman movie and Getzinger though- there are theorists who say that both lone gunmen from both mass shooting tragedies had fathers involved in the LIBOR scandal, which were I believe later to be debunked. ( [link to realnewsaustralia.wordpress.com]

Strange, still.. If they weren’t linked to LIBOR they were still pretty damned affluent.. Is there some kind of government tie linking both fathers and Scott Getzinger somehow? Far fetched, but everything else coming at me seems this way.

5b) Also there are theories floating that both the James Holmes and Adam Lanza suffered from government mind control experiments and/or bad side effects from use of anti-psychotic medications.

( [link to www.glp_hater]

( [link to forums.steroid.com]


6- Was it physically possible for Adam with his body weight to carry all the guns/ammo apparently used/involved inside that building that day?

7- The killings were supposedly confined to two classrooms and the hallway near the front door and office.

So why do radio transcripts say victims were found in a kitchen closet?

“10:28: “Roger, Closet in the kitchen, you have some victims. Let us know, we’ll call the number so you know they’re coming.”

( [link to nhregister.com] transcript)

Are "victims" referring to live witnesses and not deceased victims? And call what number to let who know who’s coming?

7a) Why were there reports of children told to close their eyes while exiting gym/back areas?

If that's protocol I can understand I suppose, but could they have been concealing something?

7b) Transcript says school was cleared shortly after shooting. “9:53:25: “Newtown’s reporting one suspect down. The building has now been cleared.”

So why are there reports of kids/staff hiding in closets/etc. hours later? Is that really clearing a building?

“She and school secretary Barbara Halstead then hid in a first-aid supply closet for up to four hours, after calling 9-1-1.” ( [link to en.wikipedia.org]

8- Initial reports said the principal, vice principal and school psychologist all left the conference room to go stop or see what was going on after hearing shooting, and that “only one came back” (Vice Principal, Natalie Hammond):

“"Only one came back,” she said, the vice principal, who crawled back with a gun wound to her foot or leg.” ( [link to www.nj.com]

Radio transcript:

"9:43:45: “We have one female in Room 1 who has gunshot wound to the foot.”" ( [link to nhregister.com]

8b) According to a “cited” Wikipedia article, Natalie Hammond (now known as lead teacher) apparently never left the conference room and was shot while blocking the door, twice, in arm and in leg:

“Natalie Hammond, lead teacher in the meeting room, pressed her body against the door to keep it closed. Lanza shot Hammond through the door, in her leg and arm. She was later treated at Danbury Hospital.[” ( [link to en.wikipedia.org]

So was it out in the hallway and just her leg or through blocking the door on both arm and leg??

8c) The next thing said on the 911 transcript after mention of victim shot in the foot was:

"9:46:20: “We’ve got an injured person in Room 9 with numerous gunshot wounds.”

Who’s the other person then if previous reports only listed one injured? And which room is Room 9 supposed to be if it was supposedly contained in just two rooms/one hallway area??

“Authorities also revealed this morning that two adult women shot during the rampage survived and their accounts will likely be integral to the investigation.

"Investigators will, in fact, speak with them when it's medically appropriate and they will shed a great deal of light on the facts and circumstances of this tragic investigation," Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance said at a news conference today.

Both survivors are women and are now home from the hospital after being shot, police said. Officials had previously mentioned just one adult survivor. The women have not been identified and police did not give details on their injuries” ( [link to abcnews.go.com]

9- What’s going to become of those reports about teacher Rousseau 's being car all shot up?

Article says re-enactment will be done to see if bulletholes in cars came from gunman shooting at police as they first responded.

Well, police say they never fired any bullets so if they can't be accounted from Adam then we have a problem.

I thought he took the coward’s way of shooting himself as soon as he knew they were closing in? Now they’re saying he tried shooting at them from Soto’s window?? ( [link to articles.courant.com]

9a) Could this also possibly suggest that the gunman had come out of the school during the shooting, shot up a few cars, put a weapon back into the trunk (with ammo in it that would later by discharged on video) and then went back inside for more action? But why?

9b) Why does top bullet appear like someone shot from inside of the car out?

Why does it appear like there is rain on car in picture? Just morning dew, in December? I'm no meteorologist, but wouldn't there be frost if anything? It's freezing cold in my part of Connecticut and it's not as far up north as this town is.

10) Why were the paramedics strolling along as parents rush by in these pictures?

I don’t know why they even bothered, by the time they get to crime scene and loaded injured victims onto the stretchers what are they going to do, run it all the way back all that distance and risk being blocked in by other vehicles? Hopefully reasoning is that those paramedics pictured are just last of many local and regional responders and that they’re sent as precaution or what not.. Just still seems like unnecessary added chaos.

10a) Why would all the vehicles be blocking in the crime scene so well from ambulances/responders?

(can't link to video it's a site GLP doesn't like)

Despite the woman who put this video together being a little too.."enthusiastic" I guess you would call it, she really has a point. I think it’s strange they let cars build up in such a way, but not sure of her points regarding “parking too perfectly” or whatever.

10b) Did the first responders check all deceased’s vitals that quickly that somehow knew they knew all were dead?

11- “As shots were fired, she lay among her friends’ blood pretending to be dead. San Diego’s 10 News reported that the 6-year-old girl did not leave until everything was quiet.

According to the pastor’s account, the girl was the first one who came running out of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Covered in blood from head to toe, the first words that she said to her mom were, ‘Mommy, I’m ok, but all my friends are dead.’”

( [link to www.examiner.com]

If the one surviving child from Rousseau’s class knew it was safe to come out (presumably just after gunman was killed in the next room), how did first responders not get to her before she was able to run out right past them, covered in blood, somehow getting right to her parents who had somehow already arrived?

12- This picture is of Lauren Rousseau's class, the first classroom the gunman is said to have visited.

All children had passed away, save for the one girl in the middle (surviving as described above).

Emilie Parker was apparently out sick that day and father says she’s in this class and supposed to be in picture.

( [link to blog.chron.com]

So on to Soto's class…

Rousseau’s class picture shows 14 victims (plus Emilie who wasn't pictured, making 15 victims total.) Ms. Soto’s class picture shows 5 child victims...

(15 + 5 = 20)

This conflicting article says 14 children had passed away in Rousseau's class, 6 in Soto's:

( [link to articles.courant.com]
“There hung 14 jackets on the coat rack, and there were 14 corpses. He killed them all”
( [link to www.4wfca.com]
12a) And where did surviving girl's jacket go? She take it with her when she ran out covered in blood?
12b) Did Emilie Parker end up in Soto’s class somehow even though the father said she was in Rousseau’s? Why does picture only show 5 victims being in this class if they’re saying 6?

Back to Soto- Articles saying 7 children were found by law enforcement (the ones that stayed put in hiding), “6” had died after coming out of said hiding, and then 6 end up escaping through and hang out with Gene Rosen at his house? That would mean 19 children were in this class, when picture shows only 15?

Where did the four extra come from? Technically, after the deceased five (I’m guessing 6 is just another “misprint” by media), there are ten surviving students left to account for. If 7 were in the good old hands of first responders after being discovered, there should be THREE that have fled.

( [link to www.courant.com%2Fnews%2Fconnecticut%2Fnewtown-sandy-hook-school-shooting%2Fhc-la​nza-gunjam-20121222%2C0%2C3580899.story)]

Speaking of Gene Rosen….. He’s all over the discussion threads. He leads me to my next section:


13- I know it could be chalked up to trauma and shock, so I would understand, but just what the hell was Gene doing when this all went down?

We heard feeding his cats, going to or coming from the local diner/etc., well which of it was he really doing?

13a) He says in one report that Soto’s surviving classmates were in his living room talking for an extended length of time. Why wouldn't he usher them right to firehouse knowing there's something huge happening? Why would he go through getting parent’s numbers from the BUS COMPANY when all he probably had to do is look outside and see all the rest of the hundreds of people being rescued/rescuing others!

( [link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

13b) Apparently there’s evidence that he’s the CEO for CTV21 Newtown CT?

What happened to him being a former psychologist? I guess he didn’t want to mention his current profession and the media also saw fit not to research.


14- School custodian Kevin Anzellotti - Article calling him a hero for "checking locked doors"...

Then why did a facebook friend remark on how he was on VACATION that day?

It’s funny because I thought I had discovered the bombshell myself the other night, even showed my fiancé the screen shot I took of the facebook page and then I found someone else was onto it as well. [link to getthetruthout.icyboards.net]

Good detective work on their part!

"It was reported that school custodian Kevin J. Anzellotti ran through the school halls warning school staff and students, and checking that all the doors were locked from the inside. School staffer Shari Thornburg said that Anzelotti was also heard yelling at a gunman inside the school to "Put the gun down! Put the gun down".

14a) That also tells us that Kevin Anzelotti actually saw one of the shooters. Let's hope that this is followed up on upon in reports he is an apparent witness!

NOTICE how it says “yelling at *a* gunman”..

14b) Wikipedia article interestingly doesn’t mention Anzelotti, but mentions another custodian, Rick Thorne, who I heard nothing else about:

“Custodian Rick Thorne ran through hallways, alerting classrooms.[38]” ( [link to en.wikipedia.org]

15- “Music teacher Maryrose Kristopik, 50, barricaded her fourth-graders in a tiny supply closet during the rampage.[42] Lanza arrived moments later, pounding and yelling "Let me in", while the students in Kristopik's class quietly hid inside.[43]” ( [link to en.wikipedia.org] )

Why didn’t he just shoot his way into the room like he did the front entrance and apparently did when he shot Natalie Hammond through a door?

And somehow he ended up over near the fourth grade classes?

16- He also apparently paid the school nurse a visit in her office....Will that and the fourth grade class visit be accounted for on timeline? When did he have a chance to visit these other rooms?

16a) Apparently no one can find record of Sally Cox being a registered nurse, when all licensed CT nurses have obtainable records.

16b) Interesting that she actually gave an interview where she said she didn’t think Adam would do such a thing and Nancy Lanza was a good kindergarten teacher? What!

17- Not smoking gun or anything but the guy doing construction work in background while child gives witness account to the media struck me as odd and inappropriate given what had just happened there.


18- Let's hope there’s REAL answers from law enforcement regarding EVERY PERSON they had detained/arrested during the shooting. Most specifically:

18a) Who was it running at the police officers on police radio? (“Two shadows moving past gym”)

18b) Who was it they apparently caught in the woods?

18c) This witness described someone suspiciously dressed being led out of woods in handcuffs. Is this the apparent “hunter” that is rumored to have been nearby? Seems like another convenient “excuse” for arresting someone with a gun in the area.

Why would any hunter be hunting so close to a school, especially during class hours? Is this common for the area considering Gene Rosen first excused hearing a round of gunshots for assuming it were hunters?

18d) There was talk that one detained person was a parent (Chris Manfredonia?) that got there very quickly? Where did this information originate?


19- That picture of the class evacuation on Newtown Bee's site- Is there solid proof that it was created or last modified at 8 am that morning (before shooting) or was that debunked? (It seems to go back and forth so much in forums I couldn’t find a definite answer!)

20- Rumors flew about Ryan Lanza’s father being found dead in New Jersey, Ryan Lanza’s girlfriend being missing, etc. Then it was that Ryan was found dead and that his younger brother (Adam) was arrested at the scene. Again, WTH?? What horrible junk media!

“At this hour, police have confirmed Ryan Lanza, erroneously reported to have been the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary, is not believed to have had any connection with the shooting.

Several reports indicate that a girlfriend of one of the Lanza brothers as well as a female friend have been missing in New Jersey since the tragedy unfolded. It is not clear which brother’s girlfriend is believed to be missing, nor has her identity been confirmed.

The identity of the second person believed to be missing has also not been revealed.”

[link to www.inquisitr.com]

“11 a.m.: Fox News reports possibly two shooters were at the school with one shooter dead and one at large.”

[link to www.examiner.com]

“"We've heard like 10 different stories. We've heard that there was a dead father (of Adam Lanza) across the street — that there was a dead brother across the street. We heard that the girlfriend, that they were trying to track her down and that she could possibly be in Hoboken."”

( [link to www.nj.com]

21- Initial reports also said Ryan Lanza was the shooter. ( [link to www.dailyrecord.co.uk]

21a) I understand that the reason for Ryan being named as a suspect originally is because Adam apparently had his brother's ID on him. Let's hope for proof that the ID was made more than two years ago, because that's when Ryan claims he last had interaction with Adam.

21b) Ryan's apparent lack of involvement in his younger disabled brother's life seems to suggest that along with Nancy’s enabling of Adam’s unstable behavior, Ryan seems to have gave up hope on his little brother as well, adding to the all-very-convenient-patsy-story.

22-“Police believe there may be a second gunman and are looking for a red or maroon van with its back window blown out, 1010 WINS' Al Jones reported. Two guns have reportedly been recovered.”

[link to www.krtv.com]

Okay again, what the hell! Could this shot up van be shot up along with the few other cars?

23- Can media/law enforcement also explain the rumor or whatever in saying Adam had a fight with four staff members the day before?
“Reports have emerged that Adam Lanza had visited Sandy Hook Elementary the day before Friday’s massacre during which he was involved in an altercation with four teachers – three of whom are now dead.

The fourth teacher – and only survivor of the altercation – wasn’t at school on Friday and is currently being interviewed by investigators. It hasn’t been revealed what the argument was over or if it was reported to authorities.

The staff member’s testimony might be an ‘important piece of information’ for discerning motive in this case, reports NBC.”

[link to www.bellenews.com]

24- Media (AP News) AND school nurse Sally Cox during interview reported that Nancy was a teacher at the school. Later, teachers and officials denied this, and no record found of this as of now.

“4:43pm: (AP) A law enforcement official says the suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the son of a teacher at the school where the shootings occurred.”

[link to www.wfuv.org]


25- The now infamous Vicki Soto tribute page on facebook:

[link to getthetruthout.icyboards.net]

The reason for the page being created on Dec. 10th was that the owner intended it for something else then saw fit to have it tribute Vicki.

Does that fully debunk it? I heard that the "facebook.com/whatever-url" can’t be changed once originally created, that only the page name/information could be modified afterwards.

26- Can the Phelps family (A couple that was interviewed by media in Sandy Hook) clear up why they're supposedly the Sextons from Florida or wherever? Whoever discovered that in first place!

27- Emilie Parker's memorial fund on facebook was created that evening.

I looked at the page as soon as Robbie Parker mentioned it at his press conference, saw when it was created and thought it was distasteful for a page asking for money would be up so soon. Apparently friends had started the fund up right away: Thread: Sandy Hook - The "Survivor" from Ms. Rousseau's Class (Page 2)

I still think it's odd for these "friends" to jump on that so soon.. At least give the parents a few hours to let everything sink in!

27a) I’m still on the fence about Robbie Parker. Other parents I’m sure are really grieving and been through this tragedy, but I can't trust him and I know I’m obviously not the only one. The moment my mother and I both heard him speak for the press we thought something was off, but being in the mental health profession I do understand there are different variations and forms of showing one’s grief, so I can understand if it was chalked up to simply going mad with shock.

27b) I do not believe in people’s theories about Emilie Parker being alive and sitting on Obama’s lap for the press photo, it’s obvious it’s just her two younger sisters (granted the middle sister looks a lot like Emilie but that’s understandable- and it’s clear after comparison that the two aren’t identical.)

The surviving sister in question is also wearing the same dress that Emilie had in a previous family photograph. We can chalk that up to the mother just having sisters share hand-me-downs, I suppose.


28- Will they ever release video surveillance?

There should be some sort of video taken from the front entrance since it was supposedly a very secure building.

29- Gun in the trunk: Why would police be checking or clearing the trunk so long after the crime?

29a) Obviously it was very late at night, did they know they're being filmed, or are they doing it that way on purpose to plant or modify evidence? Where did film originate from?

29b) Why were they handling the weapon like that (ejecting ammo etc.) right over the trunk?

29c) Some say there are two guns seen in that trunk?

(can't link on here because it's on another forum but you can see link on my post)

29d) Will they be able to account for each and every gun that’s been heard of being involved in the tragedy?

30- Any parents/next of kin actually view bodies of the victims or just see pictures?

(Apparently it’s illegal to deny viewing access)

“Parents identified the children through photos to spare them some shock, Carver said.”

[link to abclocal.go.com]

30a) First heard that a lot of victims were shot in the face or head, giving a “good reason” they wanted to avoid physical viewing by families.

Then different article claims families were shown victim's photographed faces as ID. HELLO?

31- Just found picture of victim being “transported” in middle of the night.. How did media capture the pictures? Hiding in the woods?

[link to getthetruthout.icyboards.net]

32-Medical examiner staff busted for letting husband see Adam Lanza's body two days after shooting.

Did she see something worthy of getting another witness to see, or was it just morbid curiosity?

32a) If it’s because something strange was going on let’s hope she took her own pictures and hope that she and her husband don’t suddenly disappear.

33)- How come it's supposed to be “anonymous” person picking up Adam Lanza's remains, yet all of a sudden it’s public knowledge and media’s reporting that it's his father, Peter Lanza?

34- They say he might've "destroyed" hard drive evidence on his computer so badly they can’t get anything out of it, yet I read a report about “evidence on his computer” showing an alleged Taylor Swift obsession. So is this supposed to be another made up junk-ridden media story or what?

(This one pissed me off because I did read an article that quoting "evidence on his computer" and now nothing can be found when I searched, but here is another article regarding his obsession: [link to www.dailystar.co.uk]

35- I won’t want to be involved with finding out too much about this,

but apparently there are rumors about the Lanza family/Adam specifically being involved with Satanism, and that the town of Newtown actually has a satanic church, etc.. Also people posting in forums that there are satanic symbols in pictures of victims like they themselves are involved in it…

Of course there are people saying no one actually died. I’ve heard suggestions to all sorts of things, false flag (anti gun psy-op)..

If they didn’t die, where did they go? Were they were relocated, sold as slaves (actually claimed by some)? What’s the deal?

Yes, apparently there are crisis actors out there whose purpose it is to train by re-enacting mass shootings, and guess what, they’re funded by FEMA! That of course will understandably add fuel to any conspiracy theory.

In the case of relocation (if these victims are actors and not in fact deceased), wouldn’t all the “victims”’ families have to be relocated as well in order to be them? I think it would be a bit strange for all families of victims to pack up and leave just like that.. Unless according to these theories, it’s done gradually and over time?

Seems Dylan Hockley's family is already moving, but I believe that's understandable, they lived on the same street as the supposed gunman.

Or if they are really all really killed, there are theories as well. Was it an Israeli death squad as some also say?

( [link to www.presstv.ir]

Was it that blood ritual sacrifice I heard of when delving into satanic theories?

I’ll be patient for the sake of waiting for the official story- backed by honest, legitimate investigation… But after some of the things I’ve been reading, I almost doubt we will ever obtain honesty.
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