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Subject Here we go TRUTHERS ARE NUTS!
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Original Message [link to news.ca.msn.com]

Heres some

WASHINGTON - The United States has long been a breeding ground for conspiracy theorists, spurred by an often violent history riddled, in particular, with shadowy political assassinations.

This one sounds like we are getting help from some professors, NICE I guess?

Their theories on the Dec. 14 shooting in Sandy Hook appear to lack any basis in fact, reality or common sense. But Google Trends suggests the movement is gaining momentum with both a Florida college professor and a libertarian Fox News anchor in Cincinnati questioning the official narrative on the events.

See what you think? This one is WoW,,,

The child's father, Robbie Parker, was also faking his profound despair when he tearfully addressed the media shortly after his daughter's murder, the believers claim, and was reading from cue cards.

Point is here, is I am tired of being called crazy. We didnt kill anyone, we just want to see the truth and not the side show for what this world wants us to think is the truth.

the finale,, its us that are the problem,,,

"But what the 9-11 truthers told me is what's truly sickening and disgraceful is to not look deeper, to just accept pat answers without asking questions."

Some of the people advancing theories of more than one shooter in Newtown might have their hearts in the right place, Broderick said.

"But of course there's also a segment who are just angry at the government and at Obama all the time the people who believe he's a Muslim and a fascist and everything else and they have jumped on the bandwagon, posted terrible things on the web and tried to fuel the fires in the most shameful ways."

There are a lot of these sorts of articles coming out now to say we here are nuts. All because the Gov is always right. Im sick of it. The day will come where they will be proved wrong on one or more of these episodes may it be season ten or 15, but I truly think they are running out of actors.

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