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Subject Explanation god and his duty
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Original Message Most of us can never see god and may blame him for not intervening into some bad thing happening all the time. Why is that. I would like to give an explanation with a very simple diagram, and a very simple conclusion as that God is busy.
First is the diagram
[link to skydrive.live.com (secure)]

This diagram is very simple as that:
God is to keep the free will world as big as possible for human. So he is busy to keep tree kind of spirits' activity domain in the free will world in an constant manner.
The tree spirits are:
Divine spirit, Jesus is a representation of this kind of spirit.
Evil spirit, we can not find an exact representation for this spirit. you will find explanation in the coming context.
Ignorant spirit, Cartaplilus is one of its representation. He has no idea what is divine and what is evil. only thing that affects his judgement is his own feeling.

God keeps that three kind of spirits separated so as to:
1) keep peace in the free will world. that is, no one has the opportunity to blame him for the destroying of peace. for instance if he lets the divine and the evil interacting in one point in the free will world, at that very point peace shall not exist. and the same if the ignorant interact at some point with one of the other two. there shall be some big trouble.
2) give human as big space as possible in the free will world.

In order to achieve such a goal the god makes only one law:

the ignorant one is a little far from the divine one and a little closer to the evil one. that is the reason for most of the human know little about the evil, and far more little about the divine. Only through the love of the God that we knew Jesus is the example of the divine.

This three spirits are very powerful. the God have to keep them in their effective domain constantly. that is why the God is busy.
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