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Subject I live in in Newtown, CT
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Original Message I will post no proof that I actually do live here. I'm sure some have clicked away immediately at that confession and I do not blame them. You may or may not believe in what I am about to say and that is your choice.

I live in Newtown. I live about 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary on Riverside Road. I didn't go to work on Friday Dec 14th. I called in sick but I was playing hooky. I work at a restaurant in Danbury. I've spent the past 2 hours debating with myself if I should post this. I could have posted it somewhere else but this site seems to always pop up when the Sandy Hook "shooting" is concerned. I figured this was the most popular spot.

At around 8:50-9:00am I had just finished eating my breakfast. I had Captain Crunch cereal. I had used the last of my milk. I decided to go get some at Caraluzzi's because a friend of mine works there and I wanted to see what he was up to that evening. I get in my car at about 9:05am. I drive West on Riverside Road. Before I even got to the Fire House, I noticed a lot of vehicles parked there. Way, way, way more than usual. A few was parked on both sides of the road. I figured they was just doing some kind of training or a meeting. However one thing did stick out and that was the fact that a lot of the vehicles was solid silver and solid black. I drive past the Fire House and the Senior Center is right next door less than 100 yards. That parking lot was full as well with some of the same vehicles mixed with trucks and what not. Vehicles you would expect to see in a parking lot. Still I thought nothing of it. I go get my milk.

I'm in Caraluzzi's and I've been talking to my friend for a right good while and we hear 2 police cars go by. About 5 minutes later we hear a Helicopter. Dave comes from the back and said, "They must be doing another drill again. Scanner said mass casualty incident involving children". Right then I figured out why all those vehicles was at the Fire House and Senior Center. Because it's not the first time they have done that. They did a similar thing about 1 year ago around this time of year. And they are always doing car accidents that concerns Hazmat or whatever. I told them what I saw. Dave said, "Those cars sound like FBI cars. I guess they would be in on it". So I figure to go so I could catch a peek at what was going on. I get to town and couldn't go down Riverside Road. I told the officer that I live down there. He said, "No through traffic even for residents. Fire and Rescue and Police need to finish doing what they are doing". I said, "What are they doing?". He said, "I would tell you if I knew and I have no clue. The way it sounds they are running a drill but we have been blocked from main traffic. I was just told to do traffic control and make sure no one goes down there".

Then I drive west to Danbury. I don't know why but I just did. I was thinking to myself that that was what I get for playing hooky from work. I had the radio on but not loud enough to hear it. I turn it up thinking maybe I could catch what was going on. The local station mentioned nothing. At about 10:00 they break in from Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55". The guy said that he was hearing reports of an incident at Sandy Hook Elem and that surrounding schools was on lock down however, "I called my wife because she works at Newtown Middle School and she said they weren't on lock down and haven't heard anything about an incident. So it appears information has been mixed up. We need to get our stuff together before they tell me to report".

I get to Danbury and I go into Global gas station to get a Mt. Dew. They had the tv on and I froze. They was watching coverage of the "shooting". I just watched for 30 minutes frozen. Then I started thinking about all of those cars at the Fire Dept. I didn't know what to think about that. My brain just didn't work after watching the tv.

Fast forward to right this second. I've read the theories and the stories and honestly, those are the only ones that add up. I live here and I do not know what the **** went on. This town is fairly small. I know right many people. I know Eugene Rosen. He is an extremely creepy bastard. I know Scarlett Lewis. But I would like to know where in the hell she got all of that money to "spruce" herself up for interviews. But the Phelps and Parker families that seem to be shoved down our throat, I have no idea in hell who they are. I've asked family and friends and they don't know who they are. I know a Robert Parker, but that sure as hell isn't him in the interviews.

I just do not know what is going on.
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