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Subject Special Program I had as a Kid That Doesn't Get Spoken About in Town Now
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Original Message When I was a kid, I had a special program that was developed for being the 'smartest girl in the country' or the 'smartest girl in the world in my age range'. It was a kind of integrated program that me, my family, and my school teachers worked on with a lot of help around the country.

There were lots of facets of this program including a high level of academic ability with my potential increased every year as a person who was kept in the same grade and should have gone to college at around 12 or 13 years old. Instead I was going to run a program as a;

#1 knower who was going to lose knowing as a sacrifice to everyone who was going to obtain it all over the country and then the world over 2 generations. This knowing was to be all-knowing and for everyone to rise up in intelligence, ability, and pure knowledge.

An alive girl who could supposedly create life in everyone around me as a person who could train anyone in anything by the time I was 5 years old as a supergenious.

A person who could keep girls alive even if males in their families hurt them and attempt to promote women rising in equality to men all around and especially in terms of academia and leadership roles in the workplace.

To my knowledge, people were going to participate in several schools across the country to all 'quicken' their 'genious' ability as the whole country rose up.

There was also a zeroing out affect with the program with regard to ensuring all debts were removed all over the world using this system as everyone rose.

I was called a 'generational baby' for America and in the second generation the world. All bodies were to be kept 'perfect' and not touched or damaged mostly for everyone who is now under 50 years old.

This was always spoken about out loud for me and was never kept quiet until my dad was fired and rehired in a different state and I was told I would run it bigger and better in a University Town for America.

In about 3 years the program was stomped for people who wanted to be the first 'in the know' to create a rich fringe who controlled the rest of the country and they believed I was their slave and they tried to take credit for what my GOOD GIVING HELPING FAMILY had created.

It has now been 1 generation and I have been remembered and remember all the abuse they gave me until I could barely remember I was every the 'smartest girl in the world' or a generational baby for the rising of America. They killed me at approximately 14 years old and I don't know what has happened. Everyone was supposed to be all-knowing, in-the know, alive, with perfect bodies and I don't think it has happened.

Can anybody comment on this or ask additional questions if they are interested?

I may pull this down after awhile if it seems necessary!!!

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