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Subject Eyes Wide Shut -- A Model of Monarch Programming
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Original Message I've recently watched Eyes Wide Shut again. Maybe the implanted triggers of Christmas or winter time woke up this sleeper memory fragment. I don't know.

All I know is that I take Eyes Wide Shut a lot more seriously than I used to. I hear it got horrible reviews when released at the box office. It was generally a flop and crowds were either disappointed or confused.

The very fact that the general audience didn't 'get' Eyes Wide Shut tells me just how important that film really is. It is as relevant as when first released, perhaps more so now that we have entered 2013 and the Time of Awakening in now complete. The very fact that it failed to shock is a tell of just have brainwashed the masses really are. It failed to shock because people saw it as being too 'normal', or Victorian concerning sexual taboos. (!) This may well have been what Kubrick was hinting at as well. Not only are the characters of the film more asleep when they 'wake up' then they were when they were asleep, but more importantly, the general audience is asleep with eyes wide shut in a completely zombified state not realizing that the film was more about the audience than it was about the film. They are hypnotized and don't even recognize it.

But I digress. I'll simply state that the film is a clinic and how-to of Monarch MK. The Navy is invoked in the film, which was first to test Monarch, but this really isn't what the film is about. The film is about the Monarch as practiced by Illuminati Jesuits. Monarch was known and practiced LONG before the Navy got involved.

It is the butterfly effect and chain of events. It is the law of cause and effect in action with triggers and plants in motion. 'Domino' starts the chain of events. Everything seems coindidental. Everything seems left up to chance. Everything has plausible deniability. However, from start to finish, nothing in this story happens by random chance.

It is all staged as the magic of a Thousand Points of Light around the Dr. Even his friend the piano player is a plant. Domino is a plant and an Illuminati Zebra. His wife is a plant. The two women at the party are plants. The costume store owner is a plant. His daughter is a plant. The two asian men are plants. The doctor's patients are plants. Everyone in this film is a plant and part of the chain and network of Monarch Mind Control that is leading the Dr.

The movie even ends with a trigger word and command being given by his wife who has become his 'handler'. 'Now that we're awake, there is something very important we need to do as soon as possible'. What's that? 'Fuck.' And with this, the Doctor's initiation into the Sex/Death/Satanic cult, his altered persona, and his Monarch programming are complete.

The movie is more horrifying than people know. And the only reason that people are not and were not alarmed by the film is that it has never dawned on them that they are the Doctor and his wife.

There is the type of audience member who probably saw the film for a cheap thrill or to see some tna. However, to the thinking movie viewer, who actually understands what Kubrick did in all his films (give visual essays and comentaries on sociology), the film is a lot deeper. In Eyes Wide Shut, we are given a black and white tell-all about the very poison that is infecting society and exactly how it does so. It is not something similar to what is going on in society, it is EXACTLY what is going on. Eyes Wide Shut isn't a just a film, and an archetypal documentary.

The doctor could be any upper middle class yuppy. The wife could be any typal upper middle class yuppy's gold-digger of a wife. The daughter is a product of her environment and training, a young consumerist whore being trained from birth to get anything she desires.

Is trauma necessary for Monarch to 'click off'? Yeah, probably. However, it's not exactly the 'trauma' we're used to in science fiction movies. It doesn't require electroshock like so many imagine. There are many 'stressors' that can be used to induce Monarch. It is all about the law of attraction. Monarch shoots situations. These situations are left up to the law of 'probability', cause and effect. The Weather is a function of a Chaos equation. When we predict the mathematical probabilities of weather patterns, we are ingaging in probability and statitics--Chaos Theory.

Magick is a Chaos Function, like rhetoric, or politics, or movies, or anything actually. The Key is to determine what will most probably happen given a set of circumstances--situations. You might come up with 5 to 10 senarios in such a function. If the victim chooses to do one thing, you and your team of a thousand points of light, or illuminists will surround that situation with dominos, or mirrors of possiblity, suggestions, situations, arrangements. When the Magick Circle spirals in closer and closer to what the victim 'might' do to what the victim is 'doing', your Chaos equation and fuction becomes all the more probable of succeeding. This is how Silent Weapons also work in society. They all amount to what used to be refered to as Black Magick or Shadow Magick. In reality, they are simply the results of choices and most probable outcomes. These probable outcomes can then most often be reproduced, yet with ephemeral outcomes using hypnotically planted trigger words which generally work to restart/recreate the domino or butterfly effect.

This is the Key to all Magick, to any spell whatsoever, whether good or evil. You will notice that the HighPriest is cicumambulating in counter-clockwise motion which is a sign of a working of dissolution functioning on Chaos motions. The 12 maidens generally represent the 12 seasons, 12 signs of the Zodiac being sent out monthly and in order according to their monthly sign to raise Babylon and the High Priest is the Scarlet Beast Himself, the Phallic Energy of the Averse Star of Babylon. This is Babalonian Sex Magick/Sorcery, plain and simple. This is an old world, no holds barred, 100% accurate Jesuit Bavarian Illuminati, Beast and Whore 666, Inverted Satanic Black Mass. Period. And it is from this very kind of Chaotic light and mirror magick that the Illuminati have controlled the world for so long.

The Aureole of the Illuminati is the attracting magnate. What does a person want, what does a person not want? The magnate is the desire and the fuctional ability to make that desire into a reality by the members of the Order. This is how the Illuminati Aureole magnetizes and attracks the peoples of society. (Actually, it's also how any other idea attracks anybody else, too, including the Gospel). Disney, the Stock Market, Hollywood, etc.. All these are examples of the Illuminati magnate and Aureole in action in larger society. It is a Delusion a Desert Mirage that people willingly submit to. And in Eyes Wide Shut, the members of the Order at the Sex Rites seem self-aware of their chosen dissolution--willing nihilism in its true and veritable form.

However, in various circles, there are also magnates that can be just as powerful in certain situations. And it is by these smaller magnates that bigger magnates become possible. In short, Babylon (or Hell) wasn't built in a day. It was built one consensual brick at a time. And in the end of Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruize's character, the doctor, becomes just such a willing brick.
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