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Subject A song about free will, a song about Adam...
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Original Message You
Who stood in the twilight
Of the free will and true love

Wanted it so
Too much, too deep
Not to get it
Not to use it

To turn your back
Turn your heart
Away so far

Fallen so deep
From the true love
Pure light

Made a world out of the shadows
Out of the doubt

To turn away
As the first
As the furthest
As the Adam
Of this world

It gave you power
Immortal soul
So you think

It gave you followers
Blind and numb

You were that one eyed, leading the blind

Into your delusion
Of grandeur
Power and fall

Into your trap
Blinding your own soul
With your own words

You stand upon your castle of sand
With your crown of fools

Still empty words flow like polluted waters
From your confused mind

Nothing real to hear
Nothing true to sense

You built this cage for yourself

Still you do not see
The wave coming
The truth dawning

No more followers
To command
No more worshipers
To impress


Even the fake gods you made
Fading away
Their voices seem to come from far away
These days

We reach for you
Out of our circle
Hearts connected
Longing for you
To be real
To be true
To be here

You see only tricks and games
That is your free will
Your choice
Your path
Your decision

Like the souls inflated
Your crown will melt
Your power will crumble
Your eye, which held this world so deep in control
Even that will fall
To be that illusion it always was
To be nothing

Our love for you is deep
Out of One

Still we call
For you the dawn to see

The dawn of real
The dawn of all
Will be


For you to wake
To see
Past the illusions deep
Within your mind
Through the slumber
Of your heart

To turn that will around
Give it all away
To melt that ego deep

The true voices
Still calls you back

Your true needs
True nature
The gentle touch of your spirit

In this world of mist

Seeing through
Your kingdom of shadows
Your world of lies

Seeing through
The stone around your heart
Into you

Once so loving
Once so free
The child among the stars
To the true tunes
To the smiles of
Real and close


That is the wave
That is the truth


So turn that heart
Open that mind
Be that witness
Of the way back
The path through
Melt that lie
And be you

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