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Subject Does it feel like your life is going in the wrong direction???
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Original Message First post edited for better, easier, and more informative reading 02/09/2013

Do you have a feeling of going in the wrong direction? Or maybe a feeling that you are missing an important piece of the puzzle? Are you trying and trying, but it just doesnt seem to happen the way you want it? Or are you maybe living in what feels like an emotional rollercoaster?

Maybe you even get confused about your belifes at times, or about the direction your walking in? Or are you maybe just scared of the future?

Did this journey of yours start out of pure curiousity? Which then resulted in changing the world around you into utterly crazy? Has it after that been times where it has been hard for you to swallow truth in fear of becoming ''crazy'', a social outburst or a loner?

Have you felt like the more you learn, the harder it gets to live in this worlds current reality?. Like the more you know, the more the people around you start getting distant from you? Have they become almost irritating at times, and have you felt like its slowly drawing you ''crazy''?

You want out, you want a new world now, right away, before this world becomes a total unlivable place full of idiots? You have been waiting and waiting but nothing ever happens? You have maybe even started to question if it will ever happen at all? If you should just give in, and accept the reality you live in and move on?

If you can relate to this, then i will start by saying that i UNDERSTAND you :) And then i will tell you that you have NOTHING to worry about!

Because there is a way out! And you already know this! But something is stopping you! And something has made you forgot. And all of this started to happen a long long time ago. What im saying is that there is something there in the back of your mind that is keeping you in chains. You feel it, everyday, because it has become a part of you, and you cant stop it!

What im talking about is fear! And in my opinion fear has been the biggest enemy of mankind for thousands of years. It has beeen the MAIN ingridient for us to reach where we currently are right now as a population.

I will even make a statement that most of you maybe will look upon as bold or maybe even crazy.

I actually belive that fear is the main thing that is between us and the next step in the human evolution. I belive that fear is only another word for limitations. I belive that we are only working on a fraction of what is possible because of this. I belive that if everyone let go off their OWN fears, then this world would be changed in an instant.

Fear is hate, prejudice, anger, racism, its everywhere around you. It can be a small fear, it can be big, it can be many and it can be few. We are all different. But fear is what is keeping us divided. Fear is whats holding us down and repressed. And the time is now ready for YOU to admit that. Because ''the change starts with you'' is not just some cheap slogan, its the absolute truth. We as a people are this world, and this world will NEVER change before we as individuals clean up the mess in our own backyard!

Its time to admit what fear really is, its time to STOP talking about silly conspiracys which we have prooved years ago. The world is crazy, we dont need ANY MORE PROOF for that. What we need is change, solutions, progress, not more spreading of fear. It doesnt work that way. We are holding ourselves down. Its time to start to talk about solutions to fear instead of creating them ourselves.We are the biggest propaganda machine in this world, not the news, now lets use it.


In this thread i will post my research on fear, love, happiness, the human brain, neuro science, emotions etc which i have been doing for the last few years. I want to do this to put you on the right direction. I respect you all whoever you are, i just want to give you a lesson about fear and how it infects you and this world.

It doesnt matter if you are christian, muslim, obamavoter, french, polish, american etc, because i belive everyone has something to learn about this. In my opinion it should be taught as common knowledge in schools, but its not, and its making us ignorant, stupid and full of anger we dont need! And thats exactly what ''they'' want!

Did you for example know that endorphines which are produced by the human brain when we are happy is thousands of times stronger than any pain relief pill on the market? Its totally free, and you can even trigger it yourself!

Or did you know that its been proved scientifically that a person who is happy is around 30% more ''productive'' than normal people. And that it has also been showned that fear can totally block out cognitive thinking, stopping us from finding solutions to our problems?

Then why do we react to our problems with fear?

Because we have been taught so since we were very little. We have been taught the very easiest path here in life. A path which includes following everyone else blindly, to shut up and not speak of important things, to act cool and think about our ''social status''. We have meanwhile also been taught how guilty we should feel if we step outside this path. How we always must progress here in life, how we must never stop up, think, and simply just live.

Maybe someone of you heard of the japanese quote;

''The nail that stands out must be hammered down''

That is whats REALLY holding you down! You are letting them hammer you back in! You know you are right, but still you dont stand up for it 100%, exept for maybe when you are online. Your problem is that you cant even manage to discuss the ''matter'' with sheeple because you just get angry. You my friend is driven by fear. You are afraid of not being able to convince them, of losing them, and it scares you, and meanwhile its deluding you, frustrating you, getting you get angry You look upon it as a problem you cant solve.

And this eventhough you KNOW that you can convince them if you want, but the fear of the long and hard process of doing so, is stopping you. Must think about the social status! Very important what ''crazy'' ignorant people think of me!

Remember that you once where in their shoes, and that there was also a day where you would deny everything. You werent borned knowing the world was corrupt, you learned it somewhere along the path you stepped out of. Show them the good things about the outside of the path, dont show them something that will scare them off! Tell them the benefits of a new world, not possible dooms of the future. You cannot scare people to be a revolutionary, you have to inspire them. If you try to introduce fear to other peoples lives, they will stop you. Its an automatic defense mechanism we humans have.

You have to admit all of this! You have to start to look at your life in a new perspective. A bigger perspective! You will never be happy going around lying to yourself all day long in all possible situations that occurs during a day. It will never ever happen. Because you cant forget that the world is crazy, you have to simply make the best out of it. And you have to be honest with yourself, because if not you are going down the spiral in the wrong direction.

For you to change your life you will have to find your fears, then understand them, acknowledge how silly they are, and then let them go. You will never stop a fear before you fully understand it. You have to face it and stop looking the other way. You have to find every good possible information for why your fear is useless. Go within yourself, think about it, then find the solution. Its there, i promise you!

The important thing to remember is to be sincere. You will not qonquer anything if you dont truly belive in it. You have to belive in it from the bottom of your heart. No pretending allowed at all.

Once you learn this, you will become better at it. The more fear you remove, the less limitations do you have. The snowball will then eventually roll faster and faster down the hill while you are removing your limitations one by one. I can promise you this. The more fear you remove, the more of an open mind will you have. You will think thoughts youve never thought about before. Your life will give you a totally new meaning.

You will become strong enough to ''fight'' this ''fight'' in a resonable way. A way that doesnt exhaust you! A more positive way that truly will inflict on others. A way that is suited for you! A real change!

Just think about things like; does it help ME to sit here NOW and be scared of something that MAYBE will happen in the future? Find it out! Use the brain you have!

Removing fears IS the only way to find your true self, to find out who you truly are. Your fears has covered this with darkness. Once you remove these fears you will learn to live your life the way you always wanted to do it. Becasuse you have no reasons any more to live your life in fear of what others might think of you. You will not be limited by the society around you. They will not put you down anymore.

Another biproduct of removing fear is that you will understand true passion, and what it really is. Because you can only find this by living in the now. This is not possible with a mind full of concerns. Very easily explained, you have to remove everything that is constantly making your head wander. You have to start living in THIS very moment! Think about smiling! Do it RIGHT NOW! Think about laughing, having fun, and i BET that you had a feeling of joy inside you! Its THAT easy, its a CHOICE! To stay in such a state of joy is impossible with a fearwandering mind.

Change yourself!!! Help this world by doing so! You will be like lances and swords, this i can promise you! And you will change your life to the better!

Stop living in fear!!!


Much love

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