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Subject What is the hardest hitting question you would like to ask Obama on air in front of the whole world?
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Original Message "Mr. President, do you believe you have the authority to force people at gun point, murder them or lock them up if they refuse pay for abortions through Obamacare?"

"Mr. President, Did you enjoy directly murdering U.S. citizens through drone strikes, and do you feel any guilt for their blood being on your hands, does it keep you up at night?"

"Mr. President, are you enjoying the power to lock people up without trial under the NDAA?, have you used it on anyone yet?"

"Mr. President, the Declaration of Independence clearly states that whenever government becomes tyrannical that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, would you murder any U.S. citizen who wanted to abolish the Federal Government and be free, or are we all just slaves on the Government plantation much like your ancestors, only you have become the slave master?"

"Mr. President, did you get any of the John Corzine "evaporated" money that was stolen from clients at MF Global, is that why there has been no charges, or trial?"

What is the hardest hitting question, the one just really blunt question you would like to hear put to the President in front of the whole world that you think would expose him for the NWO shill he is?
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