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Subject A teenage boy named Aires who belives he is Jesus.
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Original Message This egotistical teenager has been traumatized and mentally addled by drugs so much that he legitimently believes that he is the Second Coming of Jeus, and that previously made, obscure online prophecies concerning the Illuminate and other subjects refer to him. I did not wittness this phenomena firsthand originally, hearing the deranged yells of this possibly clinically insane teenage boy, (he is sixteen), on a recording sent to my associate's cell phone from an acquaintance's cell phone first before witnessing the clear show of mental illness gone horribly untreated for a very long time. I marvelled in the sheer lack of any shred of sanity in the eyes of this unfortunate individual for quite some time before I recieved a second piece of evidence of this rare phenomena. A close relative of the teen said that she has lived with him for quite some time, said that she believes that his symptoms are the result of a Satanic or otherwise Demonic manifiestation. This is only one of the strange or otherwise irrational statements made to me or my associate during the respective time'('s we spent with the teen and his family. I have not been able to witness this behavior firthand at this point due to my recently ended unjust incarceration. I will from this point onward to witness, document, and post online this curious phenomena, to, if for no other reason, to pick the brains of my online colleages worldwide for their opinions about, and hypotheses about the cause of and observations about the erratic diplay of childhood abuse, and drug abuse of several kinds, (including new research chemicals of the 2CI, 2CC, and 2CB families), causing someone to act in such manners. I will be able to be reached for questions, comments, and requests for informations about this subject. My apologies in advance for the distanstly likely possibility in the future of my employers, (who wish to remain anonymous), desiring me and any associates to cease and decist all operation on this subject. The location i will be reahable at will be Gmail address that is a derivation of Username used to post this. One may need to make a few or more attempts to reach me. Associates of mine may be able to be reached in various online locations across the Internet to direct the curious to my current reachable email account or other online location. Thank you for your time.
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