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Subject UFO Rock Carving in Australia Linked to Crash Site Legends and Artifacts
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Original Message This information comes from the latest in a series of articles and videos called Egyptians in Australia, by Steve and Evan Strong.

It relates to an area north of Sydney where an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb is being explored by amateur researchers.

The UFO Carving

When approaching the subject with Darkinjung Elder ‘Aunty’ Beve Spiers, we steered away from the ‘glyphs – which ‘Aunty’ Beve has always maintained are “not ours” – and their immediate surrounds, and focused on another newly discovered piece of archaeology; an engraving that can only be described “extra-terrestrial”.

Created using the ancient Original method of pecking, not carving, this discovery is clearly thousands of years old. Notably, it bears a striking resemblance to the UFO hieroglyphs on the Kariong walls, in particular the largest five-legged UFO. But this newly found UFO engraving is much bigger, measuring 352 centimetres (11.5 ft) in height , 190 centimetres (6.2 ft) in width, with the longest of its five legs reaching 167 centimetres (5.5 ft) in length. The semi-circular top capsule is 150 centimetres (4.9 ft) from the top of the arc to the bottom line and is 190 centimetres (6.2 ft) at its widest point.

What is of particular interest is that all UFO ‘glyphs on the Kariong walls are cut or sharply grooved, and according to Aunty Beve were not made by Original people. But this old pecked image, which is a far more intensive and ancient process, was made by the first Australians. The only difference this five-legged craft has to the biggest UFO carved on the ‘glyph wall relates not to shape, legs or width but height; the newly discovered engraving shows a craft of two levels or stories, while the UFO ‘glyphs on the walls all depict one-leveled craft. So when comparing the measurements of the two, we must take into account the deliberate difference in height by doubling the vertical measurement of the smaller craft

The numbers that result are so.…

The new larger UFO pecking is 190 cms across, the smaller vessel is 19 cms wide and if multiplied by 10 comes out to be exactly the same width as the larger space ship. A horizontal ratio of 1:10

The bigger capsule is 150 cms high, while the smaller craft is 7.5 cms. We double the height to 15 cms for comparison with the 2-story pecking. When this is multiplied by 10, we have 150 cms; another identical match match with a 1:20 vertical ratio.

The longest leg of the smaller UFO ‘glyph is 8.4 cms. As with the recalibration for the height of the capsule, we must also double this figure to keep the horizontal lines in proportion. The resulting 16.8 cms is again multiplied by 10 to complete the comparisons, with a final figure of 168 cms. The longest leg of the newly found ancient pecking is 167 cms in length; a one centimetre difference but a near-exact vertical ratio of 1:20. Needless to say, our team will re-measure the new pecking to ensure our measurements are 100% accurate, in hopes of confirming absolute mathematics.

Nevertheless…. these three comparative measurements share exact 1:10 horizontal and 1:20 vertical ratios, with a combined margin of error of 1 centimetre. The figures depicted are identical, each with five legs, bulbs at the bottom, an upper semi-circle and flat base. Coincidence? Or a genuine example of Original archaeology?

[link to wakeup-world.com]
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