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Subject Catholics versus Kabbalistic Jews: the secret war between two PAGAN cults that has been going on for centuries, and shapes our world
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Original Message There is a secret war going on in this world.

In fact, this war has been going on for centuries. It's a war between two RIVAL pagan cults, fighting each other for power and control.

One of the pagan cults are the Catholics, and the rival pagan cult are the Kabbalistic Jews.

First that you need to know is that there is no "good side" on this war. Both sides are evil. They only fight each other because they are rivals in the struggle for power and control.

Second that you need to know, is that NONE of the two sides are monotheists. Both are PAGAN cults.

Most Catholics don't know it, but the Catholic Church is actually controlled by an elite of pagan occultists. Most of the dogmas of the Catholic Church have pagan origins, like the Trinity, and the celebration of Christmas during the festivities of "Sol Invictus".

In a similar way, most Jews don't know it, but their leaders are Kabbalistic occultits, who, in fact, are pagans who worship demons and pagan "gods".

Those two pagan cults have been fighting each other for centuries, and their fight shapes the world as we know it.

The Kabbalistic Jews control Freemasonry and the Zionist movement.

Their Catholic opponents also have their own secret societies.

Are there agents of the Kabbalistic Jews in the Catholic Church?

Yes. There are many agents of the Kabbalistic Jews infiltrated in the Catholic Church. Any war needs intelligence agents infiltrating the enemy.

Some of the infiltrated agents of Kabbalistic Jews inside the Catholic Church have even reached the position of cardinals.

That means that the Catholic pagans have to fight the Kabbalistic Jews inside the own structure of the Catholic Church, because there are infiltrated agents.

Are there agents of the Catholics inside organizations controlled by the Kabbalistic Jews?

Yes. The Catholics also have their agents infiltrated into organizations controlled by the Kabbalistic Jews, specially on Freemasonry.

War is war...

What was the role of the Protestant Reformation?

The protestant reformation was planned and financed by the Kabbalistic Jews in order to weaken the power of the Catholic Church in Europe.

That includes the Anglican Church. The Church of England (Anglican Church) is totally conrolled by the Kabbalistic Jews.

Today, many mainstream Protestant Churches in the USA are controlled by the Kabbalistic Jews, and used as a tool to manipulate the masses, and shape the public opinion, in order to reach their own goals.

Are there other organizations at play?

Yes. There are some minor "opportunistic" organizations that know about this war, and try to take advantage of it, serving both sides, or serving the side who makes "the best offer" or pays more... Those are not very big or very powerful organizations, but they are used by both sides in this war.

What can we do about it?

The most important thing to do, is: know that there is NO "good side".

Both sides are evil pagan cults. So, don't be fooled, don't become a TOOL of any of the two sides.

Remember the Catholic Church is controlled by a pagan elite.

Remember the intenational leaders of the mainstream Jewish community are pagan occultists.

Remember the mainstream Protestant churches are tools used by the Kabbalistic Jews to manipulate the masses.


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