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Subject Sandy Hook-Phelps/Bloomberg addendum: Richard Sexton(darkhair) Patrick Sexton(bald/grey hair)
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Original Message Wanted to clear things up from my last thread. My wording was confusing when i stated i wasn't into the Greenberg/Sexton actor thing - i was referring to the FAKE claims within that realm and it's unavoidable ties to Dallasgoldbug that i don't associate with.

I DO, however, believe there's plently of shit to look at there.

I initially dove after Nick Phelps, Laura Phelps and Richard Sexton, Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton. The couples looked freakishly alike in my opinion. After digging for awhile I was steered, not outside the Greenbergs, but just to other sources beyond the infamous picasa photo album that is a part of The TruthExposed aka DallasGoldBug. What i found was even more bizarre.

I'll use some of those picasa photos to get at what i'm talking about and then leave other links and the one's I left in my previous thread.

Richard Sexton with his wife Jennifer
[link to picasaweb.google.com (secure)]

Richard with his daughter Emily
[link to picasaweb.google.com (secure)]

Jennifer Greenberg-Sexton's facebook
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Emily Sexton's facebook
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Patrick Sexton with boyfriend Christopher Drajem (Brother of Mark Drajem: Top reporter for Bloomberg News)
[link to picasaweb.google.com (secure)]

Patrick Sexton with adopted daughter Isabella Sexton-Drajem
[link to picasaweb.google.com (secure)]

Patrick's facebook
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Christopher Drajem's facebook
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Mark Drajem's facebook (brother of chris, bloomber reporter)
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Nick Phelps' vague facebook
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Scroll down to see and read about Patrick
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

Patrick, Christopher, their two adopted kids shown in the 9th and 10th photos of this slideshow
[link to www.safeschoolscoalition.org]

If you're familiar with the Phelps' CNN interview then i'm sure you agree after seeing these links that if Nick is a Sexton, he is surely Patrick and not Richard. I'm not so popular in that after comparing Jennifer to Laura over and over, watching the standup vimeo performance, frying my eyes out staring at photos on a laptop, i just think they look less alike than i did at first and i don't think they're the same person. But what do i know? I don't know for sure.

As i mentioned in my last thread, the profile of Nick Phelps and Patrick Sexton also share four mutual friends in common (Alice Cunningham Kane, Ken Judy, Adrian Latourelle, Christina Mastin) along with Nick's friendship of Thomas Utterback and Patrick's friendship with Thomas' wife, Laurie Utterback........................................... ya, weird? fucking aye that's weird.

These mutual friends and other facebook friends - actors, acting coaches, theatre majors, tv broadcasting, anti-gun preachers.
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