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Subject New Update what Media is not telling us ! - Elisa Lam case - please, take a look at this! i feel this should not be ignored. thank you.
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Original Message Hey folks,

welcome back :)

This thread was massively spammed some days ago on purpose,
so i suppose we hit a nerve here and i take this as a compliment ;)

Maybe it was just a fun attack to bother me, but i don´t think so;i can and do read between the lines.
As i prefer to live my life without fear, by choice and not by chance, here we go (again)...

After this serious paid-shill attack, i had to close this thread down,sort things out and clean up a bit.
You all know what is said about Germans:
we don´t have any humor, but we are very disciplined workers..

To meet all the rumours, accusations and stuff posted around GLP concerning me and what i do in and with this thread since yesterday:

Yes, i do "housekeeping" here, to make this thread readable and get facts bundled, so no one has to scam through 25 pages to look up some link;

yes, this means i delete shills, trolls, double-posts and other crap.

I also do cut off some parts when quoting, as it is in most cases just wasted dead space and makes it hard to read.

And yes, i do delete posts concerning the "elevator-video" and the "psychic", as well as those containing blablabla and those talking about the "illuminati-Style symbols in the Cecil Hotel".
This has a purpose, and i am happy to explain the "why" further down here on this post.


I am no egomaniac deleting comments to "shine" by the contributions of other posters, to mask their origin and make them "mine".

I delete my own posts, too, by the way, if they are of no use to the thread itself.

Everyone who is likeminded and wants to contribute is really welcome, and i do say "thank you" to all those who filled this thread with valuable information, to help make it what it is.

If you don´t like that, please do not post here.
Quite simple, isn´t it? ;)

Enter at your own risk - you should know, throughout GLP i am now known as "girl with issues" and, of course, as "fuehrer", "thread hitler" and all that stuff ;)

@ all new to this thread:

please please please

before posting, please read here below & the current sum-up of findings on page 23. thank you!


why i made this thread:

I made this thread to investigate and get your opinions of the new findings, an odd facebook profile and maybe her twitter/tumblr accounts, as this doesn´t get enough attention in those other threads.

why and which posts will be deleted in here:

- elevator-video
- psychic
- talk about illuminati-Style symbols in the Cecil Hotel&related.

The reason of doing so is simple:

In my opinion, these are just distraction from real important and questionable
things, connections and symbols in this specific case,or brief: the "why&who".

Talking about these things has no "value", as there is no useful information to get off them
besides what they just are:

- video of the poor girl in the elevator, without time/date,sound,blurry and obviously altered.
- the psychic - it´s a psychics job to talk about mindboggling, scary creepy stuff. that´s what pays their rent. and whoohoo what spooky "coincident" she did a reading there 2 weeks before.
- symbols/the floortiles of the Cecil Hotel - it is just another ArtDeco-Hotel from the 20s and there are many others out there who have same and even more of what seems to be "symbolic" on floors, walls and everywhere. No need to talk about this all the time, it is just a given fact: it looks like that, as it was the fashion back in those times.

With talking about those, we spin in circles around them - but don´t get anything new out of it.

As i stated above, this i _my opinion_;
yours may be different and i honour it anyway.
But i don´t want to talk about these things in this thread, as explained above.

The Case itself:

I do think this case is staged: to many "coincidences" at once.
What i do not know, is the "who" did this and "why" it is done - and moreover, done _this_ way.

this includes:

- the Cecil Hotel, a known haunted hotel with all kinds of strange things going on there
- the psychic who coincidently made a dramatic job in the Cecil Hotel 2 weeks before
- the released elevator video
- the BlackDahlia case & the Dark Water movie resemblance

these are chosen to give the case a "supernatural" touch, it f+cks with people´s minds:
you´re attracted to them in a strange way and repelled the same time;
they give you shivers down your spine and no one really wants to have something to do with that stuff, out of a (ir)rational fear, as one can´t control "these things" or "proof their existence".
they are pretty much "believe or believe not" stuff like religions are.
No one really likes to question these things, let alone "get in touch" with them personally, that´s why people are easier willing to believe those things just "exist" and "happen".
And i do think that is the exact purpose for these things to _be_ weird case.

The coincidences between the victim´s name, the tuberculosis test with same
but mirrored name and the current outbreak of tuberculosis same time and just around the corner of the Cecil Hotel

what do i do with that.. all speculations, of course.
it all screams "staged" loudly, and i assume just one of it is: the victim´s name.
There is a tuberculosis outbreak (and was before in that area), and there is a test for tb with that name.

For now, i assume
"the victim is just a scapegoat here to distract/mask a clinical trial of some new strain of tb or a biowarfare test gone wrong"
- something like that.
maybe the ties to a military experiment or operation here are stronger than i am willing to admit to be supposing by now, there´s enough incidents pointing in that direction.
But, just my opinion and my "weird conspiracy theory" on that - for now.

------------------end of edit -----------------------

this is what i made this thread about.

a facebook page from elisa lam, out of the blue, created on feb 21th, when she was already dead.

this fb page has only 1 friend, richard schmelter, in whose profil picture you can see a korean girl in the background (according to his comments on the picture from jan 2th.)

according to what is supposed to be her tumbl account, her last entry there is from 3 weeks ago, last entry " arrived in la land"

i have to suppose this richard schmelter made this elisa lam facebook page. (as he is the only friend of this account. it does not seem to be one of the usual "tribute" accounts to a dead person).

but why?
and why on a date where she was already dead?

please, fellow GLPers, whoever is somewhat intersted in the Elisa Lam case, take a look at this.

because no one is taking notice of it in 2 threads and it seems like it is ignored on purpose - and i think it is maybe something important:
(and if not, a really sick joke)

[link to www.facebook.com]

this is her REAL facebook..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 34984454

impossible. this page is up since thursday.

who is this robert schmelter who is her only friend on there?

just a thought, not to blame someone:
this robert schmelter made this fb page with her pic.
look at his pics and his eyes. there´s something in them what creeps me out, so much coldness.
maybe he is the reason she ended up in the water tank.
if not, it is a really sick joke by him making this page.
 Quoting: phoenixe

Please, anyone else have an opinion on this?

where does this FB page come out of the blue on thursday?

this is sick.
 Quoting: phoenixe
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