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Subject The Golden Future of GLP - Amplifying the Positive Energy of Humanity!
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Original Message God Like Productions has now changed to a higher energetic frequency. cool2

Over the next year, and into the future, you will notice that the informational content, overall tone and general energetic vibration of this web site and that of it's users has both risen, and is continuing to rise, into a state of more positive energy balance each day. This has been happening for some time now, but you will begin to see these changes snowball on each other exponentially... the difference between the old GLP and the new web site will be breathtaking, dramatic and exciting. The site will reflect more and more of what you personally prefer to see, each day, without end. It will be one of the most useful sites on the internet for you to use as a tool to both live in and spread the states of positive energy that you prefer.

This web site, amongst many, many others on the internet, is a tool for gathering, reflecting, spreading and AMPLIFYING positive human energy across the planet. Huge numbers of people visit here each day, a number that will increase as people that prefer to live in this positive energy reality are introduced to the free and easy methods of the communication of ideas that are offered by the site.

When you look at GLP, you will see a shining beacon of positive energy, connections, the sharing of ideas and of collaborative experiences. Every single post, idea, comment and thought on GLP will stem from the deepest love, compassion, kindness, fun, gratitude, creativity and humour of site users. The overall group spirit of the site will be that of Unity, in all things. It's a place of lightness of human spirit, that harnessses the group energy of thousands of positively-oriented people to accomplish GREAT THINGS on this planet. GLP will focus your positive energy on the ideas, discussion, projects and collaborative efforts that truly excite you, and which will help you manifest these realities most easily into your offline world. You will be able to quickly and easily unite with the people and ideas that excite you the most, using this opportunity to springboard into other projects and tools that reveal your ideal world filled with Peace, Love, Kindness, Compassion and Beauty.

Like attracts Like, and GLP is a shining beacon of positive energy, vibrations, ideas and Love on the internet. The site will be known as one of many where "good ideas grow and flourish". If you have an idea that is born from positive energy it will be supported, developed and discussed in sub forums, pinned threads, special projects or any other manner of relationship that works best. GLP may even spin off other new web sites, collaborative groups, discussions, projects, insights and creativity in both the online and offline world. In all formats, GLP spreads and amplifies positive energy across the world.

A visit to this web site will uplift the soul, inspire your mind, energize your body, and bring joy and inner peace to your heart.

Attitude of Gratitude

I want to thank Trinity (the site owner) and everyone else who helps to run and maintain this site (mods, other suppport staff and services) for everything you have done so far. You will be rewarded in every positive way for creating this site, and for the good work that you do.


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