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Original Message A post from this thread
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!!

I finished the movie cloud atlas last night and what the lunar drones/makers of that movie showed us especially at the last hour of that movie was mind blowing!

First this abomination movie began with promoting homosexuality suicide racism and hate between the black and white race by showing how bad the blacks were treated by the whites. If you're black you got to read the book "the secret relationship between blacks and j,ews" by louis farrakhan! A leader of the african-american religious movement exposed the crap out of the black slave trade with documented evidence as a j,ewish business!
Hollywood lately has gone all out to divide blacks and whites and turn them on each other, so to inform the blacks and destroy the hollywood media propaganda is very important!
Worth reminding the 4 steps to destroy any nation from within of ex kgb yuri bezmenov. After economic crisis the elite ignites civil war then marshal law or foreign invasion!
So while the blacks and whites will be killing each other the catfish/"shanghai pact" will be waiting after they're done to pick up the pieces!

This movie cloud atlas was mainly focused about the many different lives of souls and i found hilarious when halle berry in one of her lives out of nowhere said
"quеѕtіоn thrее.
Whаt thе fuсk аm Ι dоіng hеrе?"

You're a prisoner girl like everybody else or a better definition would be "hostage!"
I found mind blowing how this movie dared to show us that all religious sheeple's souls are like farm animals for slaughter/food to the moon!

More on that later it's gonna blow your mind!

Next the movie showed... " the luna parks!" orbital platforms/servers where the angels wear halos/collars around their necks(pay attention to the cross symbol on them) and the mind blowing part was that those collars were like a dog leash and similar to the collars from fallout 3 videogame where the lunar masters could control their puppets or even kill them through them!
The movie even showed a lunar puppet getting killed from that very collar/halo for trying to escape the luna park saying "I will not be subjected to criminal abuse!"
Prior to that the movie showed a scene of that girl before it got killed through her collar/halo she had watched a video from a stolen device in the luna park saying
"This is a violation of the ruddy Incarceration/incarnation Act!
I will not be subjected to criminal abuse."

Giving away an amazing message of the relation the lunar parks have with reincarnation!

Note the other girl that left the luna park she went to a moon like place called "neoseoul/new soul"

Another funny thing i took notice that the movie also made obvious toward the end was at the luna parks just like the movie island the people there were brainwashed that going to neosoul/moon was the best thing it can happen to them and they had to earn 12 crosses/stars at the luna parks before they allowed to go there. The sheep that won 12 crosses would get picked up by 2 people/butchers dressed from top to bottom in blood red! Just from the color i knew they were butchers but the mind blowing part the movie itself showed towards the end that indeed were butchers and the sheep had no idea, it thought it would go meet jesus its maker etc

The girl at the luna park that was killed for trying to escape note the many security guards that showed up out of nowhere were chinese ninjas dressed in full black!(luna parks are crawling with snakes). Also everyone who was working at the luna parks was a chinese giving away an amazing message that reincarnation is a draconian business.
Note all the workers/angels of luna parks were feeding on soap. The movie towards the end showed what that soap was made from hahaha if you can't guess it i will reveal it down the road.

Next the movie showed saint george's statue killing the dragon and amazing coincidence the devil in that movie was name "georgie", i find it hilarious how the draconians make movies, stories etc where the bad guys are them and the good guys that kill them also them(wolf in sheep's clothing!)
See similar stories we have exposed in this thread with athena medusa etc etc.

Dialogue from the movie
-I prayin' for you.
-Oh, it's Georgie's hungerin' for your soul.

Hahaha amazing subliminal message that reveals what pray/prey really is!

The movie also showed the draconians as humans wearing draconian tattoos hunting down humans and villages to kill and eat them! with their leader named "Kona", anyone remembers "conan the barbarian/cannibal?" another draconian hero is given to the sheeple to be their role model similar to spiderman,super/snakeman etc etc.

Dialogue from movie
-Mind the words of Sonmi.(sion(m)/zion)
"Our lives are not our own.
From womb to tomb, we are bound to others,
past and present.
And by each crime
and every kindness,
we birth our future.
-Welcome to Neo-Seoul.

This reminded me lunar agents bashar kavassilas etc throwing all the blame on the victims/sheeple/farm animals that is all their choice and fault for everything that is happening to them and that their lunar boss is the mother Teresa and has nothing to do with it.
Birth our future=reincarnation and the movie put right after that the neosoul/moon showing the place you go to before reincarnation and they also showed towards the end what happens to you at neosoul/moon... yummy soap!

Also pay attention how close these words are "womb tomb" where they relate with each other more than you know.
As many ancients have said for the soul to be buried/imprisoned within this body, and i have also realized that this body is also like a womb or egg for the erased soul that will give it a new form to live after it exits. The problem is it can make also sheep souls for slaughter!

An informed human capable of critical thinking=Soul will be devouring the virus like an anitbody after it exits the egg/cage/human body.

Uninformed(no form) human unable of critical thinking=Soap/food for the virus!

-I just can't stop listening to it.
This is the "Cloud Atlas Sextet"?
-It's, uh... the "Symphony".
-It's beautiful.
But I think I heard this before.(from sirens at luna parks lol)
I can't imagine how.
-I doubt there's more than a... handful of copies
in all of North America.
-But I know it.
I know I know it.

This also reminded me of myself when i was 2 or 3 years old i would go to places for the first time see people for the first time and say over and over again "i've seen this/him etc before" and this would make me reconsider what my parents had told me that i didn't exist before i was born lol.

Also in the above dialogue i got the proof i needed that sex is the number six and that the makers of the english language exchange letters like "a e i y etc" around with ease which also throws gematria researchers off track as they never attempt to exchange similar letters to make the connection, they only add words to get the number they need lol.

[link to www.thefreedictionary.com]
"A composition for six voices or six instruments.
A group of six singers or six instrumentalists.
A group of six."

And now you should understand better why pray=prey!
and why warship=worship etc etc, religious sheeple were entering a warship at the end of the movie where they were getting slaughtered and processed like animals(exactly like in a meat factory) which had outside the same logo as the luna parks "papa songs" with a crescent moon in color red hiding in that logo.
In the meat/soul factory the killshot to the human cattle was called "termination charge".

Halle berry dressed in white playing an alien was also a reptilian and the movie gave it away in 3 different parts.
When she entered a human tent in a village a man there would exorcise her very aggravated!
Next the devil goergie himself said this about her.(also one could realzie devil goergie himself to be a reptilian too by paying attention to the very long nails he had on his hands).
"-This whore, with her cokeynut skin and her slywise mask,
smilin' n' wormin' her way, so you trust n' bring her here,
scavin' n' sivvin' for what?
For what, fool?
They want the island. The Prescients want it all."
And lastly the villager himself said to her
"-I need to cogg what you're doing.
I told you. I come to send a plea o' help.
Help, why?
To steal our land? To kill n' slave us all?"

Funny thing is that has already happened for the past 13,500 years! The only part left is killing us all which they plan on doing with ww3 or slowly and more painfully with the pollution of our planet food products etc.
In world war z trailer was shown 2/3(minus the chinese creation of the draconians) of humanity were genocide in the new world war.

-You can maintain power over people, as long as you
give them something.
Rob a man of everything and that man will no longer be
in your power.

This reminded me what the mafia boss said in the fast and furius 5 i think.
About brazil and why they speak Portuguese and not Spanish.
The spanish invaders came guns blazing and the natives killed them all. The portuguese came with gifts offering them stuff that were useful to them and improved their lives, things that later like with our fridge our electricity cars etc we have today became a necessity to them.
"And for the taste of a better life were enslaved to the Portuguese!"
Mafia boss was using same strategy in fast and furious saying
"For the taste of a better life i own them!"

Next we have a dialogue that's about the siren's songs holy crap the luna parks were called in this movie "papa's songs".

-I've heard a melody, boy. For violin.
Uh... Fi... Find a pen!
I heard it in a dream. I's in a nightmarish café,
blaring, bright lights
, but underground and no way out.
And the waitresses, they all had the same face.
There was music playing, but unlike any music
I've ever heard in my life.

It... It began... It began...
It was so clear a minute ago.
Help me, Robert. Help me. It's slipping away!
I've lost it.
-It'll come to you, sir.
The minute you stop trying to find it, it'll find you.
-You are naive, Robert.
I am anything but.
There is a gulf between these chairs.

Also the papa song logo was like a chicken egg looking like a babe coming out of an egg, note also the letter M(for medusa/lunar boss) at its mouth. M for mama's/medusa's song!
Also M rotated 90 degrees left becomes a greek S so M could also stand for Siren's song.
[link to www.sott.net]
Note the crescent moon in color red right above the words "papa song".

That logo itlself can give away that that's where you enter the process for reincarnation/reborn. Just like when you eat an apple you spit out and bury the seeds to reborn again.
Amazing parallelism holy shit!

Next halle berry says
"-Maybe I'm... just trying to understand something.
-Why we keep making the same mistakes... over and over."

Tell that to the karma promoters lunar freaking drones!
You erase your victim's memory you trap him in a circle of repeating the same mistakes then you blame him that its all his fault and he pays for his crimes while you suck his blood and soul energy dry acting like mother teresa!

The movie memento nailed it on how tragic our condition becomes when we forget/get our memories erased!
"L.M.E (Lunar Memory Erasure)"

Next the movie showed old men trapped into a facility for old people and out of nowhere one old man said same thing the girl at the lunar park watched in her video.
"You're breaking the... ruddy...
Anti-In... carceration Act, or some ruddy thing,
and I will not be subjected to criminal abuse!"

Are there laws in the universe against reincarnation and the draconians violate all of them?

"Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) and Universal Hierarchy arriving Judges (effect)"
[link to hellenandchaos.blogspot.com]

Next the movie showed a doctor keeping his victim sick so he can rob him from all its gold!
Which reminded me bob beck's golden phrase.
"A patient cured is a customer lost!"
Now the draconian snakes symbol the medical establishment is using fits them perfectly and gives away the cancerous freaks they are big time!

-There is only one rule that binds all people. One
governing principle.
It defines every relationship on God's(see medusa's) green earth(see farm planet).
The weak... are meat and the strong do eat.
Why, you ask?
It's absurdly simple. There is gold in your trunk. I want it.
So I've killed you for it.

And its mind blowing when you learn that vaccines are responsible for most sicknesses and cancer around the planet!
The doctors/medical establishment that suppose is out there to cure us are out to make us sick and milk us from all our money exactly like that doctor in the movie cloud atlas and if you live under a rock and still haven't take notice.
Here's all the proof you need!

"The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses!"

A funny but real thing this movie also showed was about how chinese immigrants have secret factories in nations like america where they are flooded with illegal immigrants chinese workers that make chinese toxic crap to sell to americans or any other nation they're in, and hurt their economy big freaking time as they pay 0 taxes.

Towards the end of that movie i got so aggravated of what i saw man cause is one thing to learn something from your personal research and critical thinking investigation etc and a whole 'nother to see the lunar criminals themselves to show the crimes they commit to your kind right to your face!

-This is what the general wanted me to see?
They believe they are going to exultation.(called convergence in dead space 2)/symbolism of heaven!
But they are not, are they?
(Sheeple entering the warship/slaughterhouse/moon)
-Welcome, Alcelsium.
Take a seat.
Just relax.
This is to remove your collar/religious halo.(Sheep gets slaughtered)

Just like in the movie the island only here they showed you the whole thing!
Just like in dragonballz millions of sheeple's souls lined up in endless lines aboard the warship, here they also had religious psalmodies/songs playing in the background and the butchers that were guiding the sheep into the slaughterhouse were dressed in full blood red! Take note that 99% of all gods heroes etc wear red!
Red queen/Virgin Mary/Athena/Medusa herself attire is identical to those of the butcher's!
The door itself at the slaughterhouse was identical to a butcher's fridge!
What this movie showed us in these very moments were identical to what you see in any animal slaughter meat factory only here instead of animals you have humans getting slaughtered and hanged upside down on hooks lined up to be burned/converted to soap!

This part man is all the money in that 3 hours of abomination movie!

I found very interesting that all people there in fact all people at neosoul/moon had slanted eyes just like the chinese(dragon's race). The butcher's red uniforms had also chinese looking letters on them.

-The genomics industry demands a huge quantity of
biomatter, for wombtanks,
but more importantly, to sustain their engineered
labor force.
Recycled fabricants(sheeple) are a cheap source of protein(soul food/energy).
-That ship(moon)...
That ship must be destroyed.
The systems that built them... must be torn down.

Well if all good guys keep getting slaughtered like idiots by the virus who is gonna kill the virus?
Thats why we need to inform all humans on this planet about this, deprive the lunar scums from anymore souls and like an ex mossad agent said "to kill a beast/virus you cut its food source!"

And not to mention we also have the technology to blow up the moon into cosmic dust.

Next in the movie they showed how the good guys tried to call for help/galactic police from outside this solar system.

-I broadcast my revelation to the twelve states and four
off-world colonies.
Eighteen minutes later, the enforcers attacked.

Note also this lunatic bitch that was playing the victim/good guy she was promoting bashar's/kavashila's lunacy.

-The nature of our immortal lives
is in the consequences of our words... and deeds.

Its all our fault like here we have dogs getting slaughtered by the chinese its the dog's fault! Its deeds and words brought that end upon it!
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