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Original Message Please do not buy it.

TPTB are plain criminals. But want you to think they have all kinds of supernatural powers.

They own the MSM completely in the west.

There will be several mega false flags during the next months. This time it will not be phony islamists, but aliens, devils, demons, prophecies, weather and space phenomena that "attacks" us.

The MSM will be filled with REALLY scary stuff, but it is all bogus. Learn from history!

Do not fall for it. It is as real as Al Qaeda, Adam Lanza and all the other fake false flags they produce to keep us enslaved!

There will be more strange sounds from the skies (the real reason behind Haarp), there will be more strange things flying in the skies, there will be nukes going off, strange diseases, floodings, insane acts of terror, prophecies being fulfilled, etc.

But it will be Hollywood behind the these productions. They no longer need that much real explosives and real dead people to make the sheeple shit their pants.

When CNN presses "play" on their "Armageddon/Independence Day"-tape, just remember that it is nothing more than just that - fiction. Remember that when they try to strip the last freedoms from you.

They want complete chaos, yes. But it is based on fiat currencies and fairy tales. WE the people have all the power in the real world. Ralise that and we are free.
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