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Subject REALLY FREAKY SHIT happened months after taking LSD!
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Original Message In 2012 around June a wonderful thing happened! I just got out of work around 3pm and got a phone call from a friend that FINALLY found me some LSD, which was only a block away from my house! I initially was going to go to NY to see my girlfriend but I immediately changed my plans and told her to come to my place. Eventually I got to a friend that I knew and he gave me 2 hits for $30 a piece >.< which actually was worth it since I can't find LSD anywhere, and he just had it at the time which was rare.
I get home it's crowded I'm like fuck! I want to take some LSD NOW!! This would be my second time taking it, the year before 2011 was my first time taking it, which was a single drop from a vial. A lot of time passed and eventually it got quiet. It was around midnight where I finally felt its time. My roommate was excited for me and hoped to try it again since its been years that last time he tried it. I figured since its going to be my girlfriends first time ill give her half of a hit which was a brilliant idea because one whole hit probably would of sent her to a different world like it did to me. I took a whole one, my roommate took the other half an my gf took the other half. My gfs face look scared shitless but I told her shell be alright and that I'm there for her. We had it under our toungues for some time, it didn't taste like nothing it was not wet and it didn't dissolve. So we just grabbed some water and drank it down.

My gf and I where sitting on the bed for some time blasting some trance/techno/bob marley.. And out of nowhere my gf starts laughing her ass off for no reason. It hit me that it got to her first she's feeling it :)
So as soon as that happened I opened a program on my iPad for some visuals. To show her how different it looks on LSD. She was amazed of how LSD changes your perception. She was like a child having fun with her imaginations. My roommate was in the living room playing call of duty and was saying he was actually in the game he felt the snow falling on his head and what not and was just soo happy because he hasn't experienced Lucy's effects in as long time.

Eventually I needed some water and had none! And going out on LSD where I live was not an option! So I called a very close friend up around 2am and he just got out of work, he's an emt. He eventually came with 2 gallons of water and some munchies for us. He told us an amazing story of what happened that day, he saved an old women's life and being on LSD made me feel every emotion he was going through but eventually I couldn't understand him because the LSD was hitting me really hard.. He stayed to have a smoke, we smoke some trees and I was rolling up another which I couldn't do it, I had no type of motor skills at that moment to roll a blunt I just couldn't, I gave up and gave it to my close friend. He's never taken LSD btw he just wanted to make sure we where alright.

He asked us how we feel but my gf and I couldn't explain it clearly we just Knew. Eventually my girlfriend and I witnessed his face started morphing into a green Ogre.. Also when he moved back and forth I saw the ripples or extra layers of him. Like a picture within a picture. But eventually he got tired and headed out. I always made sure my gf was ok btw whenever she went to the bathroom or when she was thirsty or feeling weird. She said the bathroom felt like she was on a boat and it was rocking back and forth.
When I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror which doesn't scare me because I can handle my mind to not freak out because I know I'm on a drug. I saw someone different and it looked like a painting and everything started melting, I was very impressed at the visuals. I also seen gold eyes and green eyes EVERYWHERE when I was looking in the mirror. I was not scared at all I was just wondering what is that?! I eventually told myself to snap out of it and see how my gf was doing.

She was in the room in complete darkness laying down. We both where using telepathy to talk to each other without realizing it! It just happened naturally! Eventually the LSD was getting to my gf she started crying and I felt she was thinking about death which she was and I calmed her down and changed her focus on something else, so I played a song she liked. OMG that was the worst idea ever! A soon as we played the song a trance song btw, we got stuck in a loop!! The song must of played like 7 times without us realizing it till it finished and we were set free.. So we cut off the music. And the loop happened all over again! It felt like I was being born and dieing every 5 seconds. I was born and started asking questions then when I finally figured it out I was like ooooo no not again! Then reset started all over again! Then I totally lost sense of reality I lost my ego, I didn't feel like me, I felt like everything, I felt forever, after that I had an amazing feeling knowing that we live forever!! I kept on saying over and over again "every moment" "every moment" and eventually to "an idea" I saw visuals everywhere gold pyramids with an eye on top of it, symbols I had no idea what they ment but I'm sure the message got across.

And started asking questions like if this is a Matrix or a video game then What's real? If there is such a thing. And I eventually seen gray walls with diagonal yellow lines, and i was inside prison bars and there were eyes EVERWHERE and in big red letters on the wall it said GAME OVER!! I was afraid that that was our reality our minds were in a mental prison for forever, someone or something had our mind or consciousness caged up where we can never be free!! I was saying why are they doing this to us why!? And I started screaming and my gf quickly pulled me out of it, and we went back doing our telepathy communication. At one moment I had suicidal thoughts I didn't look at it like why am I thinking this, I looked at who or what is inducing these thoughts because I'm stronger than that. I'm not a coward! There's a reason why I'm here and I'm not going to end it now! The whole night I was rubbing my right arm and saying our time will come, our time will come. My gf didn't understand and I didn't want to tell her and scare her. It was 9am when it sort of started wearing off.. It was really difficult to sleep. But I did fall asleep and it was a dreamless sleep. That was my second experience.

Months later in March 2013, my same loving gf and I where looking at trippy stuff on tumblr, in the search bar she had acid. We where having fun looking at some of the cool stuff people created which amazed us of how creative people are. Till I notice a picture that looked familiar, I was like I seen this before. I grabbed her iPad and took a closer examination and when I looked and realized what I've just seen I felt like at that moment I was not real! I threw the iPad got up ran to a chair across the room and started panicking and whimpering and my girlfriend was freaked out because she didn't know what was going on.. I started crying historically, my girlfriend got up and held me in her arms and I full fledge cried for about 5 minutes which I usually never do. She asked what happened? I told her that's exactly what I've seen! And I just couldn't accept it, I felt like I was dreaming at that moment and just couldn't accept what I've just seen! I calmed down and took anther glance at it and just couldn't believe it!

Till this day that image haunts me and tells me someone else had seen it as well!! And I just wonder who else may have seen that before!? I sent a message to the person who posted the picture but he or she never gotten back to me :/

I just wanted to know who drawn it so I can hear their experience. Also I told my girlfriend what I've seen way before I even seen that picture and it freaked her out and even freaked her more out when she saw the drawing and remembered the details of what I've seen. She doesn't like talking about it, since it is the most weirdest thing that has EVER happened to me in my whole entire life! If there's anyone else who has seen this please contact my email jar5520@aol.com thanks hf

Here's the drawing: [link to s1293.photobucket.com]
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