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Subject Obama fainted when briefed on the true world power structure. Unshackled your chains.
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Original Message The war on earth has been waged for thousands of years. It is a war for ownership of you, your children, and your planet.

The true power elite remain hidden because they are cowards. They reside beyond your government, above the banks, they manipulate big oil and big pharma at a whim. But their power is fragile since they are few.

Hilary was quoted as saying that she takes her ideas and her orders directly from the CFR.

Witnesses state that when Obama was given his presidential briefing he became so terrified that he passed out for several minutes.

Who are these people?

What are their goals?

If humanity is to be free, if good is going to win, we need to clean the slate. Humans must shed the memes and the influences of the matrix. Stop fearing money and accusing bankers and politicians, they literally are puppets and I can guarantee you that they deeply wish you would wake up and save them from the terror that holds them captive.

The people you perceive as the enemy are also slaves like you. There is no bunker to protect you from the storm that is brewing. There is no where to hide. You have no choice but to fight.

But the war can easily be won if we know who exactly the real tyrrant is and where they operate from. No it is not a Rotschild or a Wieshaupt. It is a being that you have never seen. But this being dictates his policies through the banks and through the governments.

Specifically this power being dictates policy to your government via the CFR. The snakehead of all our political and economic problems is the CFR. Not the Fed. All social trends are dictated through the Rotschild Conservancy Bank. Gay marriage, antisemetism, gun control, multiculturalism, anti-male agendas etc all brought to you by the Conservancy Bank.

Stop wasting your energy on the wrong target. Stop being a slave. Focus on the very top.

[link to www.youtube.com]
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