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Subject OMNI (GOD), using 'HIS' returned Son Stephen, wants Julian Assange released, the Queen and family to abdicate and the Illuminati to obey.
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Original Message Soon could be the most important day ever for this world. Why? Because of the possible release of Julian Assange? Yes and no.
It is how he is going to be released from this captivity and by whom.
This is intended to be my statement to the people outside of the Embassy.
He will go from here and, I believe, no one will try to arrest him because he goes from here with my protection and that of my father, our father.
So who am I? I am the one that some called Jesus, some called Allah, some called Mohammed, some called Buddha etc. I am the Son of the Lord GOD Almighty who is due to return at the ‘end/beginning’ times and the time of the Black Pope, the Jesuit Pope, the ultimate Pope.
By coincidence, and coincidences do not happen, he comes from Argentina where I am a resident, and also, the spokesman, and probably one of the closest advisers, for Him in Argentina is my stepchildren’s uncle. I will provide other details later that will make my case for being Him eminently plausible. Also I would state here that my father, our father, ABSOLUTELY supports Him, as ‘HE’ did the previous Pope, and the new and old Archbishop of Canterbury and all the current religious leaders.
So, I will say to ANYONE who is thinking about arresting Julian, the following.
Anyone who dares to touch him will invoke my father’s, your father’s, ABSOLUTE WRATH. We will take photos of you all, but ‘HE’ knows ALL of your thoughts and actions already.
So, with respect, and I have absolute respect for them, if I were you, Mr Constable, Mrs Constable or Ms Constable I would stand aside and let your Sergeant do the arresting.
And I say to the Sergeant, that if I were you, I would let your Superintendent do the arresting.
And I would say to the Superintendent, if I were you, I would let your Commander do the arresting.
And I would say to the Commander, if I were you, I would let the Home Office do the arresting.
And I would say to the Home Office, if I were you I would let the Home Secretary do the arresting.
And I would say to the Home secretary, if I were you, I would let the Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, do the arresting.
Uh oh, uh oh as Dustin Hoffman said in his film the Rainman, and, Huston, we have a problem. Why?
Because before Christmas I presented a document and proposal to Mr David Cameron stating that nearly every one using the internet was doing it without rights because a company called Dataquill has all the base patents. The proposal was for the Government to take a stake in the company and that would probably have been profitable enough to pay off the National Sector Debt! However His office refused and the letter sent back from the head of the Patent office on behalf of His office was that this was better to be in the private, hence capitalist, arena. By doing that not only would the tax payer lose the opportunity to pay off the national debt but also incur more debt because it would have to pay very significant licence fees!
Therefore I would say to Mr David Cameron, who I have great respect for, if I were you, I would leave it for the Queen to organise the arrest.
Uh oh, uh oh, Huston we have another problem.
I am sure that the Queen is aware that Prince Richard did not actually die in the Tower and Perkin Warbeck was really the Prince. That would mean, I am sure, that my family are the rightful Royal family and hers are have only been 'caretakers'. That can easily be found out by DNA tests and therefore I would strongly suggest that her family do not make any more state decisions until those tests have been carried out. I believe that there is, however, a strong link between our families and that is through Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and therefore out of reverence I would ask all of you to leave her in peace and tranquillity and let her enjoy her pregnancy.
Some would say that the art or science of Gematria shows the importance of Prince William and Prince Harry but in my family my cousin Terry’s sons have the same names and they will be the real Princes.
So let me carry on.
Therefore I would kindly suggest to the Queen, who I have a great respect for, that Her Royal Majesty leaves it for the Illuminati to do the arresting.
Uh oh, uh oh, not another problem Huston.
The Illuminati are also made up of many of the biggest companies in the world and I happen to have done SEC whistleblower claims against many of them specifically, and also the SEC itself, in respect of wire fraud, trading without having the rights to trade, in respect of internet transmission of money, data, advertising, applications etc etc etc. Specifically against Apple, that seemingly does not have any base rights for anything it sells contrary to what the Directors keep stating, Google, Ebay, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays, Mastercard, Visa, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard etc etc etc etc etc etc.
So I would suggest to them that they should leave it up to the supposed Black Pope, the Jesuit Pope, whose representative is Pope Francis. This is a bit like the song ‘there is a hole in my bucket’ which becomes circular.
In other words my father, our father, will be the JUDGE and JURY and if I have misinterpreted ‘HIS’ messages and am wrong then it is I that will invoke ‘HIS’ wrath. I am very happy to be in that position and accept whatever befalls me.
My details are
The (Startrek) Enterprise Hotel
15-25 (The Harry Potter) Hogarth Rd
Earls Court
London SW5 0QJ
Tel 0044 207373 4052
Remember evil backwards is 'live'
Devil backwards is 'lived'
It has been ‘hell on earth’ in this reincarnational soul evolution period and that is now about to be ended with the end of this ‘perfection reincarnation’ where ‘HE’ has forced on everyone the last experiences that they have never had when they had freewill; so those that you now consider to be bad were actually the best! Doesn't it say in the Bible that you have your thinking upside down? The meek will inherit the world, the poor will be rich etc.etc. Therefore you will also find after the transition that the para Olympic swimmer Ellie will become one of the most elegant and beautiful people of earth! I cannot wait to meet her and if she wants a boyfriend I am currently available! Names are from ‘HIM’ and her name comes from El which means ‘HIM’ in Spanish. Everyone entering the New Age has to be equal just like the book entitled ‘1984’ BUT some will be more equal than others because there still has to be a management and learning hierarchy and those at the top will also be at the bottom.

The new Paradise is about to begin, listen to the words of the songs; they were all written by ‘HIM’ as messages for these times.

In Westminster Cathedral there are graves of only two scientists, Darwin and Newton, and they have both been used to instill misinformation amongst the masses. We did not originate on this planet as apes but arrived here from all over the Universe as gods. Through our 7th day evolution of our souls, it was not a rest day, we are now graduating as God of gods and will be used to manage the Universe under THE ALMIGHTY’S guidance. This, of course, explains why there are pyramids throughout the world and why we had more than 90% of our ‘God ability’ DNA locked away from us.

Newton’s theory is correct for inanimate objects like an apple but not for those with life. We are made of atoms and the electrons are in orbit, an orbit that is elliptical like that of the earth around the sun. The reason for that is that we attracted by the electromagnetic force of Mother Earth but we also have an electromagnetic force of attraction or ‘love’. At this time Mother Earth (Maria, ‘HIS’ wife) has more love for us than we have for her. When we in a state of happiness, euphoria or oneness, our frequencies change, then our love for Her can attain, at the ultimate stage, the level of Her love for us, the orbits become circular and we can fly!!! This explains when we are happy we are lighter and heavier when sad and the emotional effect of the moon!

My father, our father, is NOW the JUDGE and JURY, and currently controls everything, Everything and EVERYTHING apart from a little part of your left side brain where you think, wrongly, that you currently have freewill.

As GLPers can find out, nearly all of this has already been published here.
Believe in 'HIM' as 'HE' believes in you
Bless you
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