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Subject Ok GLP here , ill beat the illuminati, police,fbi,secret service, and entire masonic cult in front of everyone
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Original Message I was already forced to do this for the last 10 years of my life... now, what I have logged is so surreal math for MOST they not only dont want to believe it, accept it or acknowledge it... its gotten so bad in norfolk now, the gangsters and public cant believe whats going on, from shape shifting aliens, lizards, and other worlds and dimensions showing up cuz what I wrote down for 10 years is 100% real. complete with the part where they fuck you, brag about it o your face and watch you write it down for 10 years to thier faces and they mock it and say 'so'.

now, if you know me, my story is that I found a sound track for space time, that... whoever made masonic hollywood , intentionally put them all in a cult and made them SING.. and what I found was an alien space time cult based on realities that I told people about and now have found instructions, codes and more in the matrix in front of them doing both and saying its fake while they watch me write down verbatim whats gone on and going on live.

anyway, I have lined up altf of this music here and shown that they were sing about my life before I lived it and I found it in front of them.


now, the concept for this reality is bad because I said , rico act violations from the local government of currituck led back to aliens, egyptian space time worship and someone thought they would be funny to make music about it.

sing about the concept of what you have going on...

I said here on glp for over 10 years that I found music about me and kept on living only to find more and more and instructions both foreward and backwards in space time.

now, be staying legal and not having anything to do with anyone, I beat ... whew, check out the list.... the police, the fbi, the secret service and ... after a few years it got bad, the gangsters found out something is 'wrong'... my lockout included the bloods and crips in front of the invisible aliens and government...

I said play the gangster music andd what im talking about is IN THERE.

it shouldnt be.

its mind control.
real, 100% dinosaur illuminati cia mk ltra, the problem they are having is, it aint bullshit and its real.

its the math from what happened at tullsbaymarina, like, in alien binary.

and that whole fight is logged here cuz I cant hide whats real, now for over 10 years.

and they said I was nutzo ...

I said someone is fucking them back for what they did in space time, alien gangster style, and.... its not me doing it.


I found the alien binary math to exsplain that in front of everyone....


anyway, I will tell you who I am to 'them'.

im simnon peter schonhans, they changed my name in 1978 when I was 6 and hid me a 1 stoplight town ... that the mob, fbi, cia,secret service, gangsters and more just blew up in front of everyone.

I can write down the thought chains and how they bridge and link to space time and then blend with the music sung, not possible alien math that fits in front of everyone.

and a trap. both are real.

the problem they have is , in against all of them cuz they are who fucked me and robbed me and kept paying me in space time in front of everyone.

proves right there something is wrong.

anyway, everyone watched me log the genetic stamps I found, hundreds of them... all colors you can think of and images of me in other dimensions... that link to the gangsters, fbi, cia, secret service and more that I told everyone about, daily here for 10 years.

and how they watched the esp cult attacking me respond to them.

command and control.

well, this command and control is sung about in the audio package in this space im talking about.

everyone watched the fbi fuck me to my face and try to kill me and got mad too many other people saying im crazy showed up.

get it.

tie all this together and you get ICP... I grew up with ICP ... love ICP ... im not a hardcore fan but ill listen to it...

well, now the problem is, I found the keywords for a map thru their music and what they are singing about, and who is who.

well, this whole thread is a result of me listening to the psypher 4 song.


all me.

once again, I found music that freaks everyone aROUND me out... now blend it with whats going on.

yep - someone made them sing about what I logged here for 10 years on glp.

gangster alien control singing about what everyone knows it going on.

ask me who the great melinko is, ask me what a tilt a whirl really is ... now go watch psypher 3, notice the color codes.. I said red is 3 to the masonic alien cult doing all this. woa, psypher 3 is all redshirts ...

psypher 4 is all about whats gone on with the fbi and more... you have to know what a juggalo really is and what the fbi really are ...

ask me anything here, ill tell ya how big it is and the binary alien math for it and you can go fight the lizards about what fake and whats not.

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