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Subject IN PROGRESS ALIEN INVASION: Look, there's proof everywhere from Sandy Hook to 1984.
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Original Message I have been shown the machinations of an alien invasion [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] , and have attempted to warn everyone about it.  It's not the kind of invasion you would expect, because that wouldn't work as well as one you don't see coming.  Here's a hint, they are using mind control  [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] to take over the planet without even needing to set foot on it.  For a three year period, I have personally witnessed effects of mind control similar to several prominent victims of this same conspiracy. [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com]

For some reason, they would like you to know.  To this end they have hidden a pattern [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] the prophetic works of Huxley, Orwell  [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] and Phillip K. Dick. [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com]  This pattern serves to confirm an earlier revelation [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] , regarding the date of "arrival" being between August and September of 2016 [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] .

There is a significant amount of additional evidence of mind control in our history.  First and foremost, consider the cases of the recent assassinations from Kennedy [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] . Incidentally, I was born on the day John Lennon was assassinated.  It's been made clear to me that the MK-ULTRA program is casually related to the Roswell incident, I think it's a trojan horse, and this "entity" is attempting to use that program as evidence to the world that our government is responsible for mind controlling everyone. [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com]

There's a big problem.  Mind control has been used for much, much longer.  In the 1800's a case, James Tilly Matthews [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] , links directly to John Nash and James Jesus Angleton [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] .  It also appears that mind control was utilized for the benefit of the Nazi's during World War II; and that the Angel of Death was actively researching the technology behind it. [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com]

Also, just like the Sandy Hook and China Stabbing incidents occurred at nearly the same time with very similar stories, a similar event occurred in the 17th century, in Salem [link to law.umkc.edu]  and France [link to en.wikipedia.org] .  These things are too much to be coincidence.  Maybe they are trying to disarm us, and blame the government for it, at the same time?

Even before that, we seem to have a significant amount of evidence [link to www.amazon.com] the use of this technology, going all the way back to Ancient Egypt [link to unduecoercion.blogspot.com] .

Please wake up?
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