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Subject Upcoming "Week of Manifestation", April 25th - May 2nd, and what I see becoming Manifest
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Original Message According to one of the most influential sources of hidden knowledge that secret societies and the occult cling to, astrology, the "Week of Manifestation" is coming up soon. Apr 25th - May 2nd. Seeing as "they" like to plan events on astrologically conducive (as well as historically and numerologically linked) dates, I'm thinking they're looking to the upcoming week as having the right "energy" - or whatever those satanic crystal licking tards call it.

So, here's what I think will happen.
As you know, Glenn Beck, that retired Lieutenant, and the fat carnival barker have all been calling foul on this Boston Bombing event. This is significant. Also, everyone has been watching the media try to put the puzzle peices together, and they fail miserably each time. The stories they construct seem to fall apart in under a day, and they have to keep changing the story to avoid looking like retards (though they still look like retards). I would think this kind of miserable reporting and the horrible explanations are being noticed by more than just CTs.


The FCB (fat carnival barker) is listened to by many in the CT world. He's the current godfather of half-informed CTs. He's more of the loose cannon/rage type. He is a pied piper/false protagonist. His purpose for the GOV is to leak 90% truth with 10% lies, while gathering more people together in the honeypot and creating rage inside of these people. He's getting them riled up and ready to react. What he says is mostly true though...

[link to www.youtube.com]
The Lieutenant's video is of high production quality - well lit, good sound, and seemed pretty refined and prepared. This is unlike almost all CT videos out there, and it's especially odd that this is his first one - or one of the first ones. Why not just put out the info that urgently needs to get out? Why waste all the time with production quality? He's also toying with emotions. I do believe that what he's saying is mostly true though...

Then there's Beck. He is a complete fraud. He'll give us a lot of good intel, but he'll mix in plenty of lies and he won't venture down some obvious CT paths that lead to real bombshells. If you can recall, Beck's big draw for people was that he was a "Constitutionalist", he put a lot of importance on the original intent of the founding fathers, and he had one foot on solid "sane" ground and one in conspiracy land. He is the "respected" CT that the uninitiated toe-dippers on the Right look to. However, when you look at many of the obvious conspiracy theories out there, Beck's response to them makes me think he snorted a pile of Ajax and regressed to being a 5 year old name-caller. Also, think about this: For those who are intelligent, we know that Obama is not the president. He never has been, never will be -- never CAN be, Constitutionally speaking. Well the birther issue was right down his alley, being that Obama could be easily ousted by focusing on the Constitution, original intent, and outed Conspiracies. That was a Beck mega hit, had he not dismissed the conspiracy and called all the Birthers morons and idiots. He even admitted to blocking the flood of Birther calls to his show. He knew what he was doing, too. He was dumping at least 30% of his audience. After he took that stance, his viewership/listenership dropped greatly, and Fox soon got rid of him - most likely because of his numbers. Again, much of what Beck says is true, though...he just won't tell us the most important stuff.

Well, this is what the government is willing to do. They're willing to put men in our midst that will actually tell us most of the truth (because partial truths aren't good enough to stop them). By doing so, we will look to them later for answers. They become the go-to guys for most of the curious population. What they do though, is gain our trust and divert our attention from the real bombshell intel.

Their other purpose is more time & scenario specific...
FCB is to rile up and agitate, but no one will act directly just because he said to. The Lieutenant is to gain the trust of current and ex-military and those that respect a man like him and have had suspicions recently about what's really going on, but have been too sheepish to investigate further or take a stand. Beck is the valve. Again, he is the "respected" one, taken more seriously by the FOX zombies.

[link to www.youtube.com]
Beck's current "threat" made to the government about Monday being the deadline for them to fess up, to me, shows that next week will be significant. Beck never takes a stance like this.

Also, keep in mind that the rest of the world is going crazy as well. Seems to not be settling down at all either...

I know that one of the things the GOV wants to "Manifest" is Martial Law. Once Beck releases his "intel", it will wake up many of the FOX (666) zombies, and they'll flock to places like GLP and other sites to investigate for themselves. They'll be enraged. AND, because we've already done so much work to show the existence of conspiracies in other recent stories like SH, Aurora, Obama's ineligiility, etc (easy-ass work as well, like they wanted those paying attention to notice these hoaxes and ffs..), they'll quickly be cast down the rabbit hole, and they'll lose their shit. They'll react in ways we've already promised ourselves we won't, because we know they want an excuse to lock us down and take more of our rights. Well, for this flood of CT newbies, enraged by our murderous overlords, Beck is the valve.

Also, many know the week of manifestation - or the dates roughly surrounding it (up to about 2 weeks I guess), as the "Week(s) of the Dictator", as sooo many dictators have been born during this time of the year: Apr (19th - 31st)-ish. Seems like a good time to implement martial law. (Might the anti-christ manifest then? Just a thought...)

So..anyway...I think during the upcoming week (starting Monday but becoming "manifest" sometime after Wednesday), we will see the SHTF. Not enough people will be paying attention to these CTs to be any kind of a real threat to the GOVs future plans, but many in the noob CT community will probably give the GOV and MSM all the reasons they need to convince outsiders that we (CTs) are a horrid bunch of traitors, that we are nutjobs and violent, etc, and that will excuse their actions against us and the lockdown on all of society. CTs will be viewed as criminals and the scum of the earth. Society will quickly change to disallow opinions that challenge the official narrative, and people will voluntarily self-censor themselves and their theories...and they'll most likely come for our guns too.

I'm not too sure how this "Week of Manifestation" might link to the other events in the world, like Swiss-miss Kim-Jong U.N., the massive earthquakes, the economy (probably very linked to the economy), Argentina, Italy, Cyprus, Gold, Comets, etc...but I think when the SHTF, we'll see the puzzle peices fall together.

I'll be glued to GLP for the next few weeks, it seems.

Lastly...I have a feeling about the 27th. It's my birthday, so it might just be that the number sticks out to me anyway, but...I really think the 27th might be a big GLP doomgasm party day.

What do you guys think?
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