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Subject The Importance of Your SHADOW
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Original Message The importance of your shadow. It is a key to understanding, what your soul is and your soul keeper. Soul keepers, are the ones assigned, to you in life and the afterlife. They go where ever you go. They watch you, all the time. You can be totally alone, and they are with you. Attach to you, like skin to bone. Your shadow dwells in the light and in the dark. So it gives you, an idea of your soul keepers. They are as real, as anyhting in this planet. Aliens, Angels, Demons, Lords, and Gods . They are all part of the same side. They all work for the same BOSS. Human Beings have very little understanding, to know the concept, on how things really work in the Universes. You can easily confuse the concept, in terms of good and evil. The Elements, of life and death, are necessary, and that is all you, should try to understand. Instead of constantly, needing to find out what is good or evil, in the universes. Don't worry about it. Just make sure your affairs in life, are in order, and you try your, hardiest, to do the right things. When you are outside today, or even inside, take time to notice your shadow. Really take time, you may be amaze on what you may feel, inside of yourself, you may get scared, you may be amazed, or you may shrug it off like it does not matter to you. Just know this your shadow is connected to your soul, your shadow, represents your soul keeper{s}. And just like your shadow, is a copy of you, it is also like a constant moving recorder, keeping records of every single thing you do.It moves with you, it does what ever you do . From birth until death. Your shadow belongs to your soul keeper{s}. Soul Keepers, They are the watchers, they dwell in the light and the dark and in every hidden and seen place on this Aquarium, called planet earth, and you donot want to do anything, that not, even the Creator cannot forgive you for. Because extraction of your soul, is beyound any pain recognizable, by any human being in mankinds history of life. Elizastorm.
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