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Subject zakk thread about masonic face touching - top secret cults and satanic cult denial
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Original Message a friend of mine had her husband die...Ive known her for over 25 years...

I went to his funeral, and knew ... to take my camera.

as I got there, the god damn same cult from currituck was there, DOING EXACTLY what im talking about... at a fucking funeral.

well, I had my camera and you know me... I shot video.

I now have video,of things looking human, but .. clearly are white trash masonics who are 'doing it on purpose' and literally, they stood there doing what I was talking about and acted like nothing was going on, at the funeral.

and when the funeral staff began to do it, and you could hear the aliens in the room and see the white flashes...

then I knew it was on.

I have on tape ... what is clearly organized satanic cult activity that the FBI would/will immedietly recognize as satanic cult signing... plus me joking them while they do it.. like a sick lizard cult, they did it more and acted like nothing is going on while I shot footage of it.

even some of the things who chased me across the country in los angeles , from currituck were there, literally, the shapeshifting, spy cult that did this, was there and you could see the 'doubling ' effect and know they know, and see they know they are fuck.. they did both and said fake and stood there and saying nothing is going on.

then the masonic face touching got out of hand...

im not gonna talk about names right now, its clear there is a problem.... and the m k ultra was mad anyway, the 'dead people' who aint them, who are alien slaves and sick ... were at a funeral , and did what killed them in the first place... proving im right to kill all lizards.

god should have already killed all the lizards and sickness, it should have.

now, you are going to tell me im delusional, and crazy and nothing is going on, while im saying signs , symbols, and top secret this and below secret bottom that... lift the secret to see it... haha

masonic lizard cult then says im the king of the dead and using masonic face touching as a sign, and responds to what its injecting while saying, nothing is going on... and says, join it or die, be jesus or die and says im the king of them and god...

yet, nothing is going on , and says its going to kill me as jesus or whatever.. anyway.

thats doing both and saying its fake.... while you do it.

total masonic stupidity and proof they are sick, wrong, and lizards who are locked out for a reason. they are sick and lizards... unclean ...

anyone wanna respond to this?

the top secret candy cult.... cuh cuh cult... the the the.. enterred apprentices and masters killed themselves, they are sick, a lie and losers in space time itself.. god should have already turned them off.

oh, thats just about everyone here.... just say 5 minutes and keep moving... hahah the cia killed itself, joke it.
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