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Subject Flap: My UFO reality
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Original Message I'm a well known author living in New England, and for the last year +, I've been experiencing my own personal UFO flap. Since April 2012 I've witnessed night after night of inexplicable happenings in the skies above my home. My plan is to detail some of the events here, exchange ideas with some of you, and maybe turn the thing into a book. I hope I can make this as exciting for GLP as it has been for me. Thanks for reading (or not). 

PS: all this shit is still going on. By the end of the summer I hope to have most of the noteworthy stuff down and begin telling the story in real time. 

My first sighting happened last April, 2012 at roughly 12:30pm. I had just finished putting my daughter to bed, and was trying to leave her room when the movement of a strange light outside the window caught my eye . I moved quietly to the window and looked out, still being quiet enough (I hoped) to leave my kid's delicate sleep uninterrupted. 

The window faces dead east over our street, an acre of my neighbors yard, another street, train tracks (n/s), a 1/2 mile or so of ragged wetland   and - finally - a quiet corner of a tiny bay. To the southeast is a mixed use military airport, and to the northeast lies a busy public airport and a smaller, private air strip. The airfields are all approximately 15 miles from my house. Living here most of my life, I'm familiar with the prevailing air traffic patterns from all three. 

The lights outside my house that night in April were in a part of the sky where no aircraft should ever be. Looking dead east from the window I observed two very bright pinpoints of light roughly 200-225 yards away. The lights were slowly falling downward, but stopped about 20 yards over the woods just as I stepped to the window. They were moving very slowly now, drifting really, like a dead leaf over stagnant water. I saw no strobes, no directional beacon, no craft of any kind. Only these two bright pin points of light, bobbing and dipping low over a wooded area. 

The strangeness of it hit me immediately. First, the windows were open and the night was clear and very very quiet. I should have heard some type of engine noise, or rotor wash. If they were remote control helicopters or AR drones, I was certainly close enough to hear buzzing, and observe familiar flight characteristics. Neither was apparent. I watched and watched, but there was only the lights. I viewed them through binocs and still could only make out the silent white light. For about 15 minutes I watched them. One would stay at about 50 yards off the ground while the other drifted low. I had no idea what was happening, but my impression at the time was that the moves were purposeful, as if they were searching for something or monitoring the area.

The lights stayed put for quite a while. I observed them dipping, one by one, below the hedge-row marking the edge of the wooded area. At one point, I observed - through binoculars - as the light from the craft washed over a section of the wooded area. It was a peculiar light, almost as visible in the air as it was at the source. For a few minutes, the entire area below the lights was bathed in a thick white glow.The trees and brush it washed over were illuminated like daylight, and still no sounds. Keep in mind, at two hundred yards (I know from experience because the military base drills with black hawks and occasionally an apache or assault helicopters) the windows in my house should have been almost trembling in their sills, and the midnight quiet of my quiet residential existence would be subsumed by a steady, choppy humming. Instead there was only silence, and the subtle dance of these bright floating lights. 

After about twenty minutes my daughter woke up. I turned to whisper her back unconscious, but when I looked again for the lights, they were gone. 
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