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Subject Im back, after a few weeks with no laptop... now I got mk ultra and aliens and masonics all over me
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Original Message and the external masonic mk ultra is saying kill all the masons, and that its everyone , all 300 million in the usa box, and they are going to cut it in half and go at it with masonic powers.. east vs west ... cartoon super heros vs aliens and zombies...

also, the blue shirted secret service is all over me, and doing both, responding to the masonic mk ultra making me talk all sorts of crazy shit to their faces .. kill all the police, fbi secret service and masons and more, and like sick robots that only look human, you can see them touching their faces making satanic signs, and going 'what?' when they are watching both the external masonic mk ultra and responding to it by saying its IN me , when its outside of me...

the 'good' system ... external aliens who think they can inject what looks and sounds like THOUGHT but its not, its alien and satanic and sick... and not me.

and you can see they are IN it and do both, and say nothing is going on...

now live more pain being injected and ... kill abdul mohammad , the 6 green 32 igger who robbed me and lied on me and then kept working me in front of everyone and injecting pain and laughing...

they do both, say its fake, watch me log it and say im delusional and crazy... and thats freemasonry and thats the way it is.

now more of the join the cult or die, and be jesus or die and they are going 'you said', like it means something!

... hahaha did I miss anything here?

how is the top secret denial meeting place and all the celebrities and aliens and masonics here...

look around nothing is going on...

oh and look, everyone got switched out again.. hahahah

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