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Subject Predicting the next Illuminati Card(s):
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Original Message [link to www.greek-politics.gr]

Meteor Strike

Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Place. It does not require an action. It's Power is 16.
If the attack succeeds, the target is Devastated. If the die roll succeeds by more than 4, the target is completely destroyed!

[link to galeri3.uludagsozluk.com]


Space Bikers from Hell, coming from Orion on their INTERSTELLAR CHOPPERS. Their bad vibes alone have already started tilting the Earth off its axis...

Play this card at any time except during an attack. Pick two hidden Plots randomly from a rival's hand. He must discard them. This requires an action from a SubGenius group.

[link to www.omni.to]

Pave the Earth!

"I wanted to go to the enviromental rally, but there was no place to park."
Enviromental groups are torn by infighting. No Green group, no matter who owns it, may use its Action token(s) until the end of the present turn, except to defend itself against an attack.
Alternatively, if this card is played immediately after a Green action, that action is canceled.
This card required an Illuminati or Green action.

[link to kardkrazy.ecrater.com]

March on Washington

Play this card along with a Plot card that requires an action or actions. This card substitutes for any one action of a Power of 6 or less, from any Alignment or Attribute, though not an Illuminati action. However, you must discard the top undrawn Plot card from your own deck.

You may March on Washington only once per turn.

[link to s.ecrater.com]

World War Three

Any Nation making a direct Attack to Destroy against another Nation has tripled power.
If it succeeds, the attacking Nation gets a Plot card and another Action token immediately! If it fails, the attacker is destroyed and counts toward victory conditions of the defending player.
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