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Subject 1241 A.D: Liegnitz & Mohi: How the Mongol Warriors of Genghis Khan Whooped the Knight Templar Ass!
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Thread: When Islam Drew the Hell-Fire Wrath of Genghis Khan (who was NOT a Muslim) & the City of Baghdad lay Smoldering with a Mountain of Heads Burning.

The NWO can be beaten. AND in a peaceful way. But it takes the whole world to come together to accomplish it.
They are nothing but paper tigers. Using Satanic rituals, great planning and Mind-control to accomplish their goal: A ONE WORLD ORDER, where they sit on a political seat of total world control. This is victory through deception.

Nothing is prohibited in War. Everything is game:
Trickery, Deception, Terror, Disease, Fire, Water....they use whatever will get them to their goal.
We humans have, for the past many centuries been within an ongoing war. Only thing is, our minds were controlled so we cannot see it. The most successful enemy is the one who is invisible, especially if he can hide in plain sight. The only known force that ever lived on this planet that actually conquered almost all of the world the HARD way, was the empire of Genghis Khan.

So we look back in history to some clues as to how they accomplished this.
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