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Subject Secret Schools and Secret Societies where started by Aliens
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Original Message The Sirians who were the Brotherhood of the Serpents arrived on earth with serpent logos on their ships. They were assisted in relocating here by the Pleiadians.

Some Nibirans settled on the surface of Maldek (the blown up planet that became the asteroid belt).

There were portals between Earth and Maldek. And these surface settlers were able to trade between these planets.

The Sasquatch or bigfoot were originally natives of Maldek and were also sentient beings,

Marduk, the son of Enki (Lord of the Earth), was with the Maldekans.

Nibiruans, visited the solar system periodically via Nibiru and the Orion/Draco Anunnaki headed by Enlil battled with Maldek, in the process blowing it up.

The war games and conflicts eventually crossed to Mars then Earth.

And from these factions, the secret societies and mystery schools arose. Various civilizations came up with their own alliances and mission to thwart other factions.

They created their own teachings and scriptures. They created lineage of priests who held secrets, including writing, mathematics and philosophical doctrine that would be handed down for centuries to come through the secret works of the priests, the secret societies. For example, the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation were a recounting of stories and scripts from these 4D aliens.

Much of the origins of Greeks, Egyptians and Hebrew writings traced back to these times in Sumer, Ur and Akkadia.

According to Cosmic Awareness issue :

"The first writing of the Life of Christ, the first recording of these stories, were not in the particular fashion received at present until approximately 80 years after the death of Jesus.

This came from the passing of information from these disciples. Essentially these scriptures were taken from a single text used within the Essene schools. This was taken and changed for the purposes of the Essene schools.

These were taken from still earlier writings of Babylonian, Hindu, Persia and Arabic mystery schools, from the Passion Play used in these secret schools, whereby the teachings of these passion plays were adapted to different cultures and mystery schools for their particular use.

Entities examining the rituals within Masonic rites and other mystery schools, such as the rites of initiation of the Knights TEMPLAR, of ancient esoteric teachings of all major religions and secret societies, will find a basic theme or pattern runs throughout these mystery schools and the rituals involved.

In each of these, the candidate for initiation struggles and moves through difficulties, seeking to express some action of service, giving of himself/herself, following a course of action in opposition to those forces which would stop the initiate from arriving at the place of power and achievement. The candidate seeks to give some service to others to improve their lot, and to fight against evil, or overcome an evil, such as a dragon or other demonic force and the candidate eventually reaches a point where he/she is given the crown of achievement and offered a place most high,but is placed in a position where to maintain the crown he/she must give up his concern for the welfare of others.

In that position of power the candidate is told to make certain vows. These vows are placed upon the candidate and to break them will mean certain death. The candidate then becomes a tool for the priest-craft of the secret school if he/she accepts the vows. Wherein the candidate refuses to accept these terms, he/she then becomes the sacrificial victim of the ceremony.

These ceremonies have a variation in different societies and cultures. The Essene mystery schools were based on Egyptian mystery schools, and those from Armenia, Persia, Tibet, Chaldea and Babylon. These Essene mystery schools created a slight variation in the teachings to apply to the cultural needs of the time for the Hebrews so that these rituals would promote concepts of love and mercy as opposed to power.

Essentially, the Essene school was concerned about the path of the soul more than positions of earthly power or religious power over the masses. Therefore, the Essene rituals of the secret training and mystery schools were such that the scripture recorded the parallel messages depicting the life of Jesus in such a way as to apply to the needs of all humanity and to the Hebrew population in general."
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