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Subject illuminati alien jesus obama path meditation evil darklords 2012 Money love omniverse symbols
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Original Message NUMBER 1. prediction of THE future
Theres no such thing as a prediction of THE future only a sensing of the energy that exists at the time the prediction is made. All predictions are of the present not the future.
So when somone tells you something about the future, what they doing is sensing the most likely probable energy that exists at the moment they making the prediction.And if that energy doesnt change then it has a high degree of probability of manifesting physically.But if it does change then it will go down another path.

Number 2
Civilisation and Planet Earth
planet earth is over 500 millon years, There have been many civilizations that have existed on our planet.
extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional in nature that have come and gone so What we know as History is a very small slice of the history of what we know.The first race was Anamatha and they where spiriutal beings so we cant find proof of the spiritrealm on planet earth not yet. But 300 thousand years ago the Anunnaki came and they where the first pysical race on planet earth together with the Lemurians.

Number 3 Pyramids and face on Mars
Pyramids and face on Mars Is an embodiment of knowledge and
information in a geometric archetypical artistic form so that it
can always be seen and remembered. And no matter what else
might happen the information if it is there in stone, is there forever.
So it forms a bridge and a link to awaken No matter if you
may go incarnationally to your own past .But for many of
uss are incarnations of the civilization that used to exist when our
planet was capable of supporting life. And as we look
back on that face we look back on our own faces in those ancient
incarnations. And also make the connection to what has been done on
our planet, especially in Egyptian area, which is
a reminder, in the ancient language the name Cairo means Mars.
there is a bridge and a link between the idea of the storage and
preservation of information in the pyramids forms, at
least the ancient ones, that is directly connected to the
history and the understanding of the nature of the Solar System,

Number 4
as we read the energy now collectivly all religious systems will begin to fail all of them. Ancient texts will be found or revealed that clearly show the writings we have lived by arent accurate, and have been manipulated over the years by men in power. The result will be that some will leave the system and look for better answers and some will attempt to change the church to better conform to what has been discovered. In both cases it will change the balance of religion.
The new energy on earth is already doing exactly this. How is old organized religion doing these days? The answer is that itís slipping in popularity. Any popular books challenging the premises of years of spiritual teaching? Seen any division in Christianity or Judaism or Islam? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Look around and youíll see Humanity beginning to try to validate what they believed in the past, and if itís found wanting, theyíre going to find something better for themselves sometimes with information coming only from within instead of from the outside.
Humanity will be looking for a beliefsystem that doesnít tear down the Human seed of existence, or place God in a box for everyone to conform to.They be looking for something that acknowledges that every Human is part of the harmony of life

number 5 president bush the savior
what im about to tell you about president bush will shock you my fellow americans.
Do you think it was an accident that he came into office? Go take a look at his election. First, was it a normal one? No. It was almost a forced election One that seemed out of balance .Not your standard election, was it? Therefore this election was NOTsomething created by Iluminati but Instead, it was something by US that created within the new energy... the positive Energy to see the truth. help to awaken the people to see that something is very wrong here. And president bush help us to see this without his intetions.. so we should thank him helping us stopping the new world order hahaahaha.

qoute of healing
you are SO Unconditionally Loved that you are allowed to experience that you are NOT Unconditionally loved so you can experience pain suffering hate anger sadness and so on.
THATS how Unconditionally Loved you are. You are given that freedom. That choice.

Sorry for my bad english and grammar... what you read here is not true just fiction...if you want to know more bump this thread and i will tell you about jeus buddha lucifer obama the pope...
re- member this is just fiction
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