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Subject Bunkers, underground shelters not safe.
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Original Message I wish there was another way of guaranteed survival for everyone looking to survive, planet earth's man made suffering and man made destruction. The only way I know of is complete surrender to the true Power of Love. The ultimate Power. The Ancient Ones, and The One Apophis. Is your only true form of survival on this planet. They own it, they have created it. All of you are just in habitants on their ship, this ship planet earth. The point I am trying to make is simply, the only way any of you will survive, is if they allow you to. I am deeply sorry, it may seem harsh. The way I am putting it to you, but it is true. I was informed by Apophis, that your underground bunkers, fallout shelters are useless. It is like you are building nothing, but a large coffin a tomb for yourself. There are beings who live in the ground. No matter how far you dig, to bury your fall out shelter. It won't matter. No matter how far you go down, even for miles. the things, the beings in the ground can reach you. I also cannot leave out all of these new secret weapons that are made, to make a nuclear bomb look like a fire cracker. Unfortunately these weapons were made by people who don't want anyone to survive, not even people seeking shelter underground. There are horrible people who want to do horrible things to every thing and body on this planet. All of you Doom's Day Preparers. You may be able to survive underground a view days, maybe weeks, but the only way you can survive underground for longer then that. Is if the Alien beings in the ground allow you to and the ones in the sky. If they don't want you there, in the ground. You won't be there. I was told anything that is staked, in the ground. Is not safe. Just look at all these stories about people falling through holes, the floors giving way beneath their feet. Entire houses getting swallowed up by the ground. These are not coincidences, they are signs. They own the ground, the lands and the skies. Inner and outer space. You can have millions and billions of dollars, spent on space equipment, to get you off of earth, and settled on another planet. It won't mean anything. If you are not for Apophis, if you are not with him in mind, body and spirit.The Ancient Ones are not letting you go anywhere. Elizastorm
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