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Subject Rhymes of the Times: American King
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Original Message He's making his list and checking it twice,
And this current King knows if you've been naughty or nice.

Watch your mouth and watch your ways,
Our current king cavorts with Greys,
If you pick up that gun,
If you run to a rally,
Both of the above will end badly.

Our current king is in control,
Placed there by the Lord on his throne,
To rule like the wicked we so embrace,
Now of our own medicine we shall taste.

Will you rebel like an American Revolution?
Only a fool has such a constitution,
Pick up your gun to rebel,
And most certainly you will fail.

Our current king is not a fool,
His heart rivals ash brooding in coal,
The Devil's chief servant standing in office,
Behold his evil and know that we wrought this.

Clickity clack rolling down the track,
The rails of re-education are roaring back,
FEMA's a camp for all to see,
Just do what they say and make believe,
The time's a coming and the days are near,
When we're railed away to FEMA's camps near.

Please pay attention and take much heed,
With these chips of the government comes much greed,
Take in hand this chip of greed,
And away with the Lord you shall not be,
This is my plea for all to see,
The time is upon us,
Open your eyes to see!

Where is the humanity in the world today,
Do you see people as persons or only in shades of grey?
So much hatred dwells deep within,
So much we've been taught based on the color of our skin,
It's up to you to beat the cycle of oppression,
Enough with the hatred, fear and aggression.
Maybe it's time we all believed in,
By just WHO'S hand we're all entreated,
I offer to you now as a sole witness,
The Lord Yeshua IS God he has no equals.
Spend some time and have some faith,
The Son of God is the narrow strait.

Don't look up or see the skies,
Much terror unfolds before your eyes,
Powers hidden since creation for all to see,
Marvel not and withhold from glee,
All knees will tremble and arms gone limp,
When these terrible things arrive on their ship,
Your hand cannot save you there is no other,
Put your faith in the LORD and absolutely no other.

Sickle in hand on a cloud out of sight,
Diligently working, these angels day and night,
Involved in a war your eye cannot see,
But presence always felt by the hand of the Almighty,
The hour is at hand with little to be debated,
The wheat and chaff will soon be separated,
With sheep to the right and goats to the left,
A division of peoples with none left unmet,
Find the time and and have some faith,
The bitter end comes at a quickened pace.

Back and forth and to and fro,
Shall the Earth be reeling like a drunkard in tow,
Great quakes will come and many will curse,
The rampant destruction that soon plagues the Earth,
The Grapes are all picked and placed to be trodden,
With much stomping comes wine to be placed in a goblet,
Filled to the brim with much overflowing,
This cup of Wrath will cause great moaning,
Repent and be baptized this is your last warning,
The end will not tarry it comes with much mourning.

With a great splash this stone will fall,
A global coastal event to affect us all,
With this stone cast into the sea,
The likeness of Babylon shall not be,
With great violence Babylon will fall,
Never to return or be found at all,
The music will stop and sounds fall dead,
When tragedy embraces this wicked land.

There's a lion prowling Zion,
He roams and roars all day,
His claws are sharp with teeth so deadly,
He hungers night and day,
He'll find a meal and make a deal,
With those who take it blindly,
He loves your taste and nothing more,
Watch how he moves so quietly,
Quickly now or you'll be seen,
Hide amiss the cloaking trees,
Don't make a sound or even peep,
Since now this lion treads your feet.

Our loving Father which art in Heaven,
Sacred is His name,
His Kingdom come to make undone,
The many works of Satan.
We ask of Him our daily bread,
To fill us to the brim,
This holy bread is life eternal,
Having power over death,
Please forgive us of our sins,
As we forgive so many,
Deliver us from temptation's way,
Sail us not up Evil's alley,
Our Father owns the kingdom and every single key,
His power is unequaled,
His glory sets men free.


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