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Subject The Purge, Illuminati, Ayahuasca Connection.
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Original Message Ayahuasca is also called "La Purga" due to the cathartic vomiting it can induce in traditional brea preparations. The Illuminati are aware of the hyperdimensional travel and energetic perception and manipulation, psychic/paranormal ability activation granting properties of DMT as well as its capacity to facilitate divine experiences and states of being.

Dr Rick strassman's DMT research in the 90's was funded by the scottish rite of free masonry. The book Inner Paths to Outer Space, in which strassman co-authored, further explores the notion that DMT allows access and entrance to non-local regions of condciousness. A diagram included in the book was of a triangle with the eye of horus in the middlr, and around it was eritten "DMT EFFECTS ---> UFO ENCOUNTERS ----> DIVINE CONTACT". Another smalsection of the book was entitlex "Nachash Illuminatus", Nachash meaning serpent in Hebrew.

The film, like many mainstream Hollywood films, contains metaphor and reference to lluminati intention, motive, and occult esoteric knowledge they possess. The Purge contains an ulterior message. It is a negative twist and rederence to ayahuasca imbibement. "Purge on the streets of America" is a sinister message: the illuminati plan to utilize Ayahuasca for sorcery purposes, in public, as one can become a psychic assassin from Ayahuasca intake as demonstrated by the shamanic indigineous adept brujos of the Amazon. The insane private school kid at one point emphasizes the words "give me, give me", a reference to the ayahuasca ingesting Santo Daime (saint GIVE ME) religion in Brazil.

The Illuminati very frequentlt utilize entheogens for occult purposes and the acuirement of power and expanded awarenesa and psychic amplification. They are also capable of wielding them for sinister purposes.

It appears it may become highly necessary to prepare ourselves for neo-shamanic warfare...
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