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Subject The government does what it does, since under operation Obama, to BAIT YOU into a fight. Is that really a surprise?
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Original Message Those who understand, wake up others by calling out baiting by the government when you see it.

Yes we all know the bankers and the politicians and the media and the entertainment news agencies are all in bed with each other, so why do you all keep giving that evil beast of a system a chance to reclaim any sort of trust from you?

It is Obama's goal, as antiChrist, to bait the American people into a war with him.

Go to youtube and start watching videos of people's dreams of Obama, Obama is antiChrist, no one else has claimed so many dreams from others. Obama appears in their bodily state of desolation (of our spirit).

You know what, if that's the role he wants, so be it, he can have it.. Let's get this show rolling! But to those of you who think he is not baiting the good-hearted people into over-reacting and giving him an excuse to fulfill his own beliefs of Biblical prophecy, well it is quite annoying.

The government is simply baiting you who care. Stop caring what the antiChrist does and then where is his power?

You all feed the beast who care and send it your vibes, your thoughts and feelings of hatred, fear, etc.

I think i am pretty fucking done with how boring it all is, and is playing out..

Some people do not yet know that war is bad, it's horrible, that they don't really want it, but they DO NOW want it, they want the civil war because they don't yet know they shouldn't want it, so let them have it. We all have to learn sometime.

Let's get it over with, popcorn is getting cold, and i've seen this flick a thousand times in different ways from Hollywood, except the good guy is always the bad guy in real life.

Obama must make the first move because no good person could make the first move. He thinks good people must make the first move, but it will never happen, only a minion can be used to fulfill a truly baitful operation.

THERE ARE NO HEROES, they are all EVIL disguised as good people! You cannot work for this Beast in good conscience. Even fighting it feeds it. You just have to ignore it and do with what is in front of your eyes day to day.
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