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Subject Proof you will live this exact same life over and over again for all eternity
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Original Message Known in philosophy as "Eternal recurrence" or, more completely, the eternal recurrence of the sameis the idea that everything that has happened or will happen (including ones own life) has already occurred infinitely many times and will occur infinitely many more, without the slightest alteration in detail.

Here I present my evidence for the eternal recurrence of the same, that effectively is a hypothesis capable of explaining why everything and anything exists. First I will present two premises that has to be accepted as true for the conclusions to be valid:

Premise # 1: It as a given that the Universe exists, and that its properties necessarily must meet the premises that our existence rests upon. The reasoning for this is obvious: If the fundamental physical forces and constants hadn't been exactly the way they are, we hadn't existed, hence we couldn't have observed the properties that made our existence impossible in such a hypothetical universe. That the Universe and the Earth has exactly perfect, and seemingly "fine-tuned", properties for us to exist therefore is nothing but reasonable and downright necessary.

Premise # 2: Consciousness is a consequence of physical existence. The Universe consists of a large amount of energy/matter that to any given moment is in a certain condition. The flow between different conditions is labelled with the term 'time'. Consciousness arises as a consequence of energy/matter arranging itself in a certain condition/pattern in a limited amount of time. Consciousness isn't more mystical than the sum of an individual's senses and cognitive abilities/information processing. Hence, consciousness is a natural result of an advanced sensory apparatus and an advanced brain.

Conclusion # 1: If the Universe we live in is part of an everlasting cycle, the exact same universe will one time have to manifest again. Granted that consciousness is nothing more than the sum of the organism's body, your consciousness/life will sooner or later have to be repeated in the exact same world history.

Conclusion # 2: If, on the other hand, our Universe isn't part of an everlasting cycle, but quite the contrary is a phenomenon that has spontaneously arisen from nothing, it would have to mean that something/everything can spontaneously arise from nothing. Therefore other universes can also arise whenever "they like", and the probability for another universe that has the exact same properties/physical laws as ours, to never arise, given that it has an infinite amount of time to arise again, must therefore equal zero.

Final conclusion: It seems very unlikely that none of the preceding conclusions are correct. Therefore, one must assume that the hypothesis of the eternal recurrence really is true.

I'm going to live my life as a hedonist from this point on as I am convinced we will live it over and over and over again for all eternity. My ratio of pleasure over pain is 100/0 from this moment on. I recommend you all take on this mindset. Good luck ;)

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