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Subject I'd Crawl Across Broken Glass With Naked Knees Before I'd Ever...
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Original Message "I'd Crawl Across Broken Glass With Naked Knees Before I'd Ever Make It To Heaven!!!"

I met a man today, who related his life experience of 52 years from me. He was retired, and had many nice things.

He told me he was married very young, and spent most of his life working to support his family. Never did he get into partying or the likes.

His body was still strong. He voice was dressed in the tone of a victorious conquerer, free of shame and remorse. Where there was once only sand, he had built a haven for his family, erected from his own blood and sweat.

And it made me wonder...

If the road to heaven was paved in broken glass would you walk it?

If you had to suffer for 1000 years for 1000 years of peace, would you endure it?

Would you accept $1,000,000 dollars without working for it?

Do you measure your greatest successes by what had to sacrifice to achieve them?

Hahaha... for the few who will get this, I must tip my hat to Satan, our adversary and kiss the whip...for it's only our struggles that give us our victories. It's only resistance that makes us stronger.

Push down upon the runs of the ladders, and climb! And when you fall, keep your eyes open, and hope to god it hurts!
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