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Subject HELP! I am being hunted/stalked by the Illuminati and the mafia Right now! PRAY
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Original Message Hi, You can call me "FUTUREHOPE". I live in orange county California...I am connected to money and power here in OC as well as long term preppy families. I grew up in private schools. My family is politically connected.

I was one of the top students in my college. after awhile I was approached by several professors and 1 more student. We had discussions similar to the teachings of the lluminati....I met a girl at the college and we fell in love...After that,one day she basically told me she was in a cult and that they set-up our relationship to recruit me ,however should could not betray me...the other student basically told me the same thing. She asked me to help get her out of her cult. Their were other people who asked me the same thing..the evil ones have followed me 24 hours...tapped my phones...turned or blackmailed all my friends/families..because no one will help me..they just hang up very scared??

I found out that everyone of the people I have met in the last year are in this cult.teachers/friends/cops/etc...they set a whole life up with fake friends etc most of them actually began to like me and didn't want to betray/kill me...it has been a very long term setup..years in the making and lots of money and people.... I just wanted to help the girl/others and now this..The weird part is I contacted connections within the CIA-homeland security-FBI-mossad....MY only hope is the connections I made with these agencies before this ...I really want to help these people...Yesterday I was told by my people that the White upper class Illuminati is in full support of me. my college studies are mostly technical sciences...computer hacking...radio science..communications...

this cult has followed me for days yet the weird
part is they haven't killed me yet...they just follow me and stalk me...I can tell when they listen to my phone cuz ill say on the phone im going somewhere and when I get there ..they are already there? plus every once in awhile they have a female friend of mine call me and I found out that she has been a witch the whole time...I have talked to many of their witches...they all ask if I really love this girl or if it is a scam...the witches call me and are very interested in finding out if I really love her?

THEY all have positions in academia/law enforcement/governmemt/freemason lodges/witchcraft covens. The witches think I want the girl for secret information however I told them I just want her for love...some think im a agent trying to get her to testify....

I DO HAVE very high connections to military intelligence agencies from several bases...however they wont meet me in the field unless they are in the background...watching...Im sure at this point their is a DRONE above me at all times...I am too valuable...

however im terrified snd exhausted...they closed my bank account and im running the streets, my rich friends wont help? I keep telling them I just love the girl and do not care what they are involved in but they wont leave me alone..some of the witches I talked to believe I love the girl others think im an agent..I have a few questions...

WHY wont they kill me? Is this just some Illuminati initiation game? it is very real...This cult approached me..not the other way around...
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