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Subject Bozos who voted from Obama: Consider this...
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Original Message Bozos who voted from Obama: Consider this...

Thanks so much, you clowns !! :
I think you should pay all the Bills, and give the Ron Paul supporters a Free Pass on this waste

Obama in Africa – by Stephen Lendman
June 28, 2013:
[link to jhaines6.wordpress.com]

A MUST READ in order to learn more about the BRICS! ~J

Voice of America reflects raw imperial power. It broadcasts US propaganda globally.

On June 26, it said Obama “arrived in Senegal, the first stop of a three-nation African trip, focused on supporting democratic progress, and increasing US trade and investment.”

It’s his second African trip. He visited earlier as a freshman Illinois senator. He told Kenyans, “I want you all to know that as your ally, your friend and your brother, I will be there in every way I can.”

He lied. He’s a serial liar. Democracy is verboten. Washington tolerates none at home or abroad. America comes to exploit. At issue is controlling Africa’s rich resources.

Obama’s visiting Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. He’ll return July 3. Why these countries? More on this below.

Controversy accompanies Obama. His one-week trip costs an estimated $100 million. At the same time, force-fed austerity harms growing millions at home. Poverty, high unemployment, hunger, and homelessness go unaddressed.

Obamanomics enriches corporate favorites and wealthy elites. Popular needs go begging to do so. Obama demands sacrifice. It’s forced on America’s most disadvantaged, unwanted and uncared for.

Foreign travel costs plenty. Hundreds of secret service, staff and others accompany Obama. Travel, accommodations, security and other costs are enormous.

Military cargo planes brought 56 vehicles. They include 14 limousines and three trucks. They’re specially built for security.

Bulletproof glass will replace hotel windows where Obama and his family stay. Entire floors are needed to accommodate security and staff traveling with him.

US fighter jets provide round-the-clock air cover. In 2011, estimated White House expenses were around $1.4 billion. They include staff, housing, travel, entertainment and perks.

Expenses rise annually. They’ve increased exponentially during Obama’s tenure. Perhaps they’ll approach $2 billion this year. Estimates exclude classified amounts.

== ==

Suck it up, you Obama fans !
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