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Subject Masonic Ritual: the CABLE-TOW & SUPERMAN
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Original Message Related thread:
Thread: Superman Logo: QUANTUM LANGUAGE

Following is my interpretation at the present moment of time. Things can change, information can update, so please feel free to give your feedback, and if I feel it rings true, I will update the thread.

(Shills please note:
Once shilling doesn't work, you take to character assassination.
No I'm not a schizophrenic, no I'm not mentally retarded, nor do I need attention. Stop projecting your own faults onto others. My aim is to spread knowledge. And I'll keep doing this as long as I can. Please avoid single sentence take downs. If you criticize , then you should be able to provide an explanation, or face getting banned from the thread. )

Before you dig in , see if you can catch the clue in the image below, which represents our reality of the Superman logo:


Lets look at the ancient symbol for the MALE & FEMALE:


Why is Male RED and Female BLUE?.
They represent opposites: RED heat of the day, vs the cool BLUE night of the Moonlit Night.
So together the TRIANGLES represent the insertion of the MALE phallus into the FEMALE vagina.
Some maintain it also represents the HEART:>
The HealthLink logo is red and blue, the same two colors that compose a majority of the logos I've presented in the last month! These are the colors of the heart, and I believe this is the reason why this is the dominant color scheme in the occult signaling of the dragon's plan. The heart represents the very life of man. This is what the dragon is after, the life of man, the heart and blood. These heart colors are the very colors of Superman. In his shield, which happens to both cover his heart and form a heart-like shape, you'll notice the presence of yellow - just like in the heart!
[link to theopenscroll.blogspot.in]
So, even the American Democrat & Liberal symbols are actually color coded to represent the ancient union of the sexes, which is 666.
[link to www.caribbeanelections.com]

The combination of these two triangles represents the sex act. This 6-sided star also is the METATRON, or the hexagram that looks like the CUBE:


This creates the six sided star symbol, or the SIX.
6 is the number of MAN.
a combining form, occurring in loanwords from Latin, meaning “six” ( sexagenary ); on this model used in the formation of compound words: sexpartite.
[link to dictionary.reference.com]

So, if two opposing triangles, intertwined denotes SEX, what do you think this Scientology logo represents? :)
And you wonder about the rumours of John Travolta and others being gay:


The SIXTH day is SATURDAY or SATURN's day.

Also within the two intertwined triangles , you can make out the 6 6 6:The two triangles form a HEXAGON, with six sides, six points, and 6 faces
[link to www.youtube.com]


From the cutting edge site:
The hexagram is really a most powerful symbol, to witches, sorcerers, and magicians! The hexagram is used in all sorts of magic, witchcraft, occultism and the casting of zodiacal horoscopes. Because it has six points, and because it contains a '666 ', the hexagram is considered to be Satan's most powerful symbol. Look at the hexagram above. The first six is formed by the sides of each triangle facing the clockwise direction; the second six is formed by the sides of each triangle formed by facing the counterclockwise direction; the third six is formed by the sides of the inner hexagon.

Lets take a look at the magic Sun Square:

From the world truth site:
So, 666 is a representation of many things, chief among them being the CUBE. The CUBE also represent the BLACK SUN, SATURN, or EL, or SATAN.
SATURN is the 6th planet fromt the Sun.
The Chaldean number for Saturn is 666

The two cubes that are inclined to the horizontal is no accident. Its done that way so as to match the METATRON. When you look at the inclined cubes, it looks like a hexagon from front.

The ENGLISH language also represents a cube. Which is why the idea that English is a WEAPONIZED language:
The 3-dimensional cube consists of
12+8+6 = 26
The number of letters in the ENGLISH ALEF-BEYT


Secret Occult Saturn Worship
In this video, watch the eerie similarity between the black & white image of the worshippers going around the Kaaba in Mecca, to the similar pixalated image of the Hexagon in the south pole of Saturn with the pixelated gases going around it, ALSO in the same direction!:
[link to www.youtube.com]

When you marry you exchange RINGS (of Saturn)
When you curse someone, you put a HEX(agram), using a Hexagram.
Saturn is the LORD OF THE RINGS.
Why is Saturn the BULL GOD?

[link to www.youtube.com]

Watch this:
History of the police officer:
[link to www.youtube.com]

Following is from Christopher Lord of TRUTHIRACY:
ALMOST ALL ancient civilizations use the SYMBOL (BULL) of the BULL in creation stories! GO learn about ancient KEMET (EGYPT), and if you have as you have claimed then I do not need to tell you all about NUT, OSIRIS, ISIS, PTAH, APIS BULL, HATHOR, ETC! The GREEKS, ROMAN, CELTS, MINOAN, SUMERIANS ETC with their 'creator' BULL GODS!!!

- NUT (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Neith (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Hathor (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Isis (COW, BULL) Creation Goddess
- Ptah & Apis (BULL) Creation? God
- Osiris (BULL) Creation God
- Atum-RA or Mnevis (BULL) Creation God
- Monthu - took the form of a white BULL
- Buchis - Bakha (Ka is cattle) Turned into a wild BULL

English which is actually 'Anglish' is made from a mixture of many languages throughout the world. Our English (Anglish) alphabet comes from the ancient Canaan Phoenician Hebrew Alefbiet or the ALEF and the BIET, the A and the B. Almost all modern day languages stem from the Semitic Hebrew languages from Canaan Phoenicia, which is why for example that we have 'phonetic' (Phoenician) sounds. The very word 'language' also tells us the very same story, the EL-ANGU-age. EL is the OX BULL father God, and ANG is also the BULL as in Angus Bull. The alphabet means the HOUSE OF EL or the HOUSE of the BULL GOD EL, the leader and chief King Bull God. Beit (BEYT) is the letter 'B' and means HOUSE, thus the alphabet is the HOUSE of EL the BULL!

Did you know the British flag too, is based on the 666 magic square?
British Flag 666 symbolism:

[link to www.youtube.com]

So, what does all this have to do with SUPERMAN??
A lot . As we shall see in the next post.

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