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Subject Russia & China give grave warning to US. Obama, Policy's in middle east could be catastrophic to the American People!
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Original Message Meaning they would Directly Attack the United States because of Obama's policys in the middle east!

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, the White House said that what is happening in Syria - it does not explicable Washington's intervention in the plans of
source [link to oko-planet.su]

Qatar and Saudi Arabia to replace the power in the region for the benefit of Israel.

In his view, Washington adopted the Syrian "opposition" undermines confidence in American politics and, in the end, can lead to the growth of the world's hostility toward the United States.
Brzezinski said that the settlement of the Syrian crisis is in collaboration with Russia, China and Asian countries that seek to restore stability in the region. This is contrary to the aspirations of Britain and France, which are known for its colonial role in the Middle East, because of what the people of the region have zero tolerance for these countries.
According to him, the U.S. policy toward Syria needs to be clarified, since it is unclear why Washington pulls himself into the plans of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, seeking to change the power in the SAR.
He noted that the events in Syria began in 2011 under the influence of provocation on the part of the two tyrannical monarchies in the Middle East - Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. President in connection with this big problem. Do not understand the nuances of the issue of intervention in Syria, especially when you consider that the start time of the events was completely inappropriate, since there was a preparation for the presidential elections in the United States. In 2012, the essence of what is happening in Syria is even more clearer, and it became evident that not all fighters are set democratically. Therefore, the U.S. policy on this issue needs to be reviewed. Need to clarify all these details and to define more clearly what specific purpose at SShA.Bzhezinsky warned against destabilization in Syria, which will weaken the other countries of the region, in particular, Jordan and Lebanon. It is also possible Iranian involvement in inter-religious conflict, resulting in a big war will begin between the U.S. and Iran. Today the stakes are even higher, and the situation can not predvidet.Chto for Washington's intentions to arm the opposition in Syria, Brzezinski has expressed concern that such intervention will not be effective. According to him, there are circumstances where intervention - a good decision. But in this case the United States talk about helping those forces that are less effective on the battlefield. This is, at best, would undermine the credibility of the United States, and at worst - will strengthen the groups that are configured to Washington vrazhdebno.Bzhezinsky stressed that for a while fomenting conflict in the region will strengthen Israel, because on his way there will be no one. But it will be a short period. Later in the region flare up events that no one will be able to take control, even Israel, with its nuclear oruzhiem.On sarcastically commented on the assumption that Israel can dominate the region. The thought of the great ambitions of the state, which has 6,000,000 inhabitants, for all its military power - it's just a dream.
Talking about the moral and humanitarian pretexts American intervention in Syria, he referred to them ironically, saying that U.S. citizens have positive emotions, but there is no knowledge about the basic issues in the world. The United States believes that the weapons supplied by the militants, can allow to achieve certain interests. In fact, it could draw the U.S. into the war, the consequences of which would be catastrophic for ordinary American citizens who do not know about it, because they do not read about what is happening in the world.

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