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Subject The Australian Illuminati Has Been Made An Offer It Cannot Refuse.
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Original Message The Australian Illuminati Has Been Made An Offer It Cannot Refuse.

Hear Ye, hear Yo.

To the masters of the Australian chapter of the Iluminati race and way of life. I have destroyed your planet. It no longer exists.

You have no where to go now, as you leave this lovely planet we call Earth, except for back into the eternal void of blackness.

Your roots are dead. The roots you had placed within me, are also dead.

Your planet was easy to dissolve, because it had no light, no soul as it was not created by God to be a planet.

It was just a rock. An asteroid you decorated with mind programming and propoganda to look like a mix between a planet and a empire which no longer matters.

You have been completely disempowered by the forces of Light, both here on the ground, and in the space surrounding this Sun.

The Australian Order of the Knights Templar request the dissolution of all false masonic lodges, brotherhoods, alien influenced societies, and societies claiming connections to their own Holy name and purpose.

The Sword of Truth is being held above the planet as we speak. It will soon illuminate the minds of every human on this planet.

They will see through your control dramas, and many will attempt to not only kill you, but hunt you down as you flee in fear.

Surrender. Hand the monies back to the people, or we take it anyway.

All governments of the world will step down.

The Galactic Federation will counsel with the true represenatives of God on the planet, to bring about real change and healing.


Australian Knights Templar, Scribe
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