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Subject UFO Observes Traffic Over Toll Plaza on July 5th
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Original Message I'm not sure if this was something out of this world or if it was just a military drone but I've never seen anything like this. On July 5th around 11:30PM I was traveling home from downtown Tampa when I noticed some bright lights in the sky shining down on the traffic below from what looked like a plane coming in for a landing. At first I didn't think anything of it because I was driving next to the Tampa International Airport. As I moved closer to the UFO I noticed it wasn't moving and it was hovering about 20 feet off the ground in front of a billboard. Astonished by what I just saw, I decided to turn my car around to go film it.

As I was passing the billboard from the opposite side of the road I noticed the UFO was no longer there. At this point I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I turned my car back around at the next exit to head home. I passed the billboard again and it was still gone. I noticed another set of lights shinning down on the traffic up ahead at the next toll plaza and that is when I pulled out my phone and started recording.

Here is the video

After the video ends I had pulled over my car. I looked out my window and back at the toll plaza but the UFO had already moved again. I took a few more looks and notice it was flying low over the trees across the expressway heading back in the opposite direction. My chase ended here but I wanted to know if anyone knows anything about this or has seen something like this themselves. The best view I witnessed myself was when I came out the other side of the toll plaza and looked up as I drove underneath it. The UFO was dark and had three lights I could make out that if connected would create a triangle. The UFO didn't make a sound and I could clears see that it wasn't a helicopter. As always, you decide.
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