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Subject Fuck Trayvon Martin
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Original Message I am so sick and tired of this shit, where do I even fucking begin. So let me get this straight, a Hispanic guy kills a punk black kid in self defense, and somehow whitey is to blame?

I'll tell you what. I see a lot on Facebook, all this ranting about what if the tables were turned and all this bullshit, and that begs the question to be asked. Because 90% of the time, the tables are turned and nobody gives a shit.

Anyone ever heard of the Newsom Murders?

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Where was the big outcry over that one? They fucking beat, steal from and kill our people every day, and they are angry because one fat spanish guy stood up and fucking did something about it?

Trayvon Martin was a fucking punk. You know this kid. He's that same little piece of shit that blocks off the stairs at the movie theater and yells a bunch of shit in front of the 7-11. That same little cocksucker that fucks with the white kids at school, and prevents the rest of the class from learning. They act like he was some kind of A student.

As for profiling, the question begs to be asked. Why are they profiled? Is there any reason people might seem to think he might be up to no good? Perhaps it's due to the disproportionate amount of crime they commit? Perhaps its because their entire shitty subculture is based around the glorification of violence and lack of responsibility?

So lets talk more about that subculture. This is the same subculture that encourages dependence and freeloading, that ridicules achievement. The same culture that calls their own people assholes for trying to get an education.

Constantly crying about this and that and how they are wronged. We have a fucking black President. A black attorney general. Black supreme court justices. Most of our top athletes are black. Most of our top musicians are black. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, one of our top astrophysicists, is black. That's a fucking shit ton of representation for 10-14% of the population. They say they are being kept down by whitey? Is that so? Doesn't seem to be the case as far as I'm concerned.

What more do these fucking people want from us?

I live in a blue state. A hard blue state. In the liberal Northeast. And believe me when I tell you, I know a lot of white people who are tired of this shit. I can't even imagine how middle america feels. It is never upfront, but behind closed doors, white people can't fucking stand them.

Mark my words, if they continue with this shit, they will have a problem on their hands. All this shit you hear about white people supporting this and the whole liberal thing, its a very small part of the population. It's basically hipster/hippie/fruitcake/elitist characters who live in carefully constructed electoral districts, and thats how they are able to sway opinion and political representation.

Realistically, the silent majority is huge. And they are starting to get annoyed. They will talk to you at the grocery store and agree with you to placate you, but behind closed doors, in familiar company, they are all thinking the same thing. This country has gone to shit. And if liberals and minorities want to start shit up with the sleeping bear, good fucking luck. Majority white america is smart as fuck, crafty as fuck, resource rich and armed to the fucking teeth.

I don't know why this charade has been allowed to continue, but if this is any glimpse of the future, you WILL see a real deal purge in your lifetime. We are good people, we are sick of being called assholes and stupid and racist, and pretty soon, we are going to stop being so polite and we aren't going to take it anymore. The only reason it hasn't happened sooner is because we are still comfortable. The second the majority feels the discomfort and wakes up to what the fuck is going on here, its going to be something to see.

rant fucking over.
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