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Subject Is the Illuminati the Catholic Church???
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Original Message Voltaire said to learn who rules you, ask who you cannot criticize. People criticize the Vatican all the time. The word "priest" has become a punchline for comics and television sitcoms. The Church's scandals are reported non-stop.

Who is that makes up the head position of EVERY major media corporation and financial institution? Is this also a group one cannot criticize like Voltaire suggested? Putin knows the truth about The Soviet, who they were, and how they massacred not 6 million but 56 million Christians. There were 10 million Christians killed in the Ukrainian Holocaust. Most have never heard of it let alone know of any museums, documentaries, films, or television programs about it.

The Illuminati was started by Rothschild who told Weishaupt to convert to Catholicism one for appearances. Is it a coincidence that these two people are of that same exact group that controls the media and finance?

The Da Vinci Code was promoted so heavily to get people to think of Christ as being less than he is. It was written in such a simple style to cater to all the masses. Why would a group that you claim to be the illuminati air its dirty laundry which only costs it followers and thus POWER? They know once the Church goes Christianity will soon follow.

You have been conditioned to think of yourself as being ugly or a racist if you even consider this group. USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, 5 dancing I*raelis on 9/11, Rachel Corrie, Jonathan Pollard, Talmud, Rev. 2:9, Khazars, Edomites, and on and on and on and on...
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