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Subject After 30 years of wonder. My first UFO sighting.
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Original Message OK, I wasn't going to share this and I've only told my wife. She thinks I'm crazy anyhow after all the psycho shit I discuss with her from this site.

You all know what I'm talking about. :P

I'll make this brief.

I went outside last night at 2:30 to smoke a cigarette. I woke up super thirsty and decided to smoke after a big glass of iced tea.
First thing I noticed was how nice of an evening it was. I calmly Looked up to the sky after firing up a smoke and Boom. Huge full moon right in between two good sized clouds. The big fluffy type clouds, cumulus?

Anyways, I couldn't look away from the moon it was so beautiful and bright. There seemed to be a light haze A huge Halo of light around the moon and everything was illuminate. I could see around my yard fairly well, and I probably could have read a book in the moonlight it was so bright.

So, I'm staring at the moon smoking, just kinda drifting off in thought and all of a sudden I see a huge cigar shaped craft fly directly in between the moon and me. ,(Passed in front of the face of the moon).

WTF is That! I snap to attention.

I could see it clear as day until it was pass the moon, it was vague after, but I watched it fly either into or above a cloud and it was heading NNW I think, I'll have to double check with a compass.

No lights on the craft whatsoever. I would have never seen it if it wasn't for the Moon Gazing. Also, I could almost see through it, was it cloaked I thought? Lol Idk. But I remember thinking it looked kinda like the Predators Camouflage where how it was blurry and jarbled but I could see the moonlight kinda through it. The craft definitely had a pronounced outline and was very visible to me.

A Cigar shaped, with a fatter middle that tappered down to rounded ends. Like a fat pill shape. Maybe it could have been a side profile of a large saucer, im not sure because It was not directly above me.

It was much faster than a plane I'm guessing, but at the same time it didn't look like it was "flying" too me. That's what was giving me the butterflies. It looked like as if it was floating on magnets sorta. Idk how to explain that part. Absolutely No sound, as it effortlessly glided off overhead.

This is my first UFO sighting and I can positively say I saw something crazy!

Everything about the way it happened just made my insides scream WoW! a fucking UFO! I had butterflies, I was full of adrenaline..

It was amazing. I was so trying to debunk myself while Going over and over in my head of what I just had witnessed. Guys, the thing must have been super massive. It was up there in the same altitude I see commercial Jets. Maybe a little lower, but not much. It was up above the clouds for sure. I was in awe at the speed it was going, as it traversed my line of sight of the sky in less than 7 seconds. Usually I can sit and watch a Jet liner hang around up there for awhile.

It was a quick a sighting, I wish'd it would have been longer, I wish I would have had time to grab my camera and video. I even asked it aloud to comeback so I could see it again. Idk, I was in absolute shock though. Hats off to the people that have the composure to whip out a camera and start filming. I was frozen.

And that's my UFO story :)

Ohh yeah, I live in West Michigan.
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