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Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
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Original Message This is something that I had said to myself that I was NOT going to post or talk about, but deep down I feel some sort of obligation to share it. This is incredibly paranormal (at least in my mind it is) and I have, in a way, possibly lost a good friend over this incident.

A few weeks ago, I was going home from work and the end of the day to stop by a friend's BBQ, since it is only 30 minutes from work, whereas it is almost an hour and a half to get there from home (I have an hour long commute each way, daily.) Pretty normal shit for a Friday night hangout. There isn't much else to say about that, other than I was going to crash on the couch there since I'd only had a couple hours of sleep the previous night, and didn't want to be driving too tired at 12am.

I should mention that I'm kind of a beer snob in a way, in that I tend to only care to drink the higher ABV and "specialty/craft" beers, rather than the cheap piss-like swill that everyone else tends to drink. To each his own, but after you homebrew some good shit, and drink things like the Trappist Westvleteren Abbey Ales, it tends to change your tastes quite a bit. He had a couple Corona beers on ice, and I actually drank one for dinner. I had another one afterward but barely drank any of it, since I really can't stand the taste of that weak-ass, nasty, "beer." But, I was thirsty and the tap water doesn't taste good out in the country.

Ok, enough of that shit.

After eating, it was probably around 9 or 9:30pm and my friend turned on the Xbox 360 to look for some show to stream. His house is pretty fucking huge, and his wife had went to go lay down and nurse their baby and go to sleep. She was upstairs, and we were downstairs in the computer room which was pretty far away. You can't hear anything across the house since it is so huge, and two-stories with a bit of a bottom split-level to it as well.

At some point while he was trying to find a show, I started to feel a bit weird. By weird, I mean that I had this sudden intense rush of emotion, which was very unlike me, and there was no apparent reason why. It is hard to describe what emotion it was, because it was kind of a mix of a bunch of them. I guess it would be a mix of: import, dread, panic/worry, and sadness. It was really unexplainable and not "normal" by any stretch of the imagination.

I actually started to tear up, and started crying, which is NOT like me. Fuck, I barely even cried at my own grandmother's funeral. I'm not an emotional person, and this has always been a really big disconnect for me and my wife; the fact that I am usually unable to express emotions and shit. Stuff like that has put my marriage pretty much on the fucking rocks over the past few years. It is kind of messed up. And of course it is largely my fault, but what am I going to do about that? Change?

I've always been an introvert, and closed-off type of person that typically just wants to be left the fuck alone most of the time. Even more so with the way the world has been going the past couple decades. So, back to this weird "event."

The "Event":
With this crazy flood of bizarre emotions with no apparent cause or reason, I felt a really intense urge to write something down, or to be ready to write something down. This is partly because I had some previous "strange" experiences (not exactly like this) but that I was a lot more prepared for anything strange or weird that might happen to me in the future. In other words, I was fucking ready for some shit to go down, and to not really be caught off-guard.

My friend was watching his show, I think, but I wasn't paying attention to that, although I think the show was "American Restoration?" I have no idea if a show like that exists, since I barely watch Trash T.V., but that sticks in my mind for some reason. Maybe it was correct. I think there was something about "Pep Boys" on it. Yes, the auto parts store characters. That much I do remember from the show snippets.

He looked over at me and saw that I was essentially crying, and got kind of worried. He was pretty fucking stoned, but I was not. I had a little bit earlier, but it had been quite a while, and didn't want to smoke any weed since I would just get tired and fall asleep earlier than I wanted, and like I said, I didn't get a lot of sleep so I didn't want to go to bed at 9:30 and end up waking up at fucking 4am on a Saturday.

The conversation and what he and I were saying is fuzzy because I remember the hard details more than anything else, and with good reason. I do remember that there was an honest since of concern and I'm sure he could see in my eyes that there was a definite seriousness here, and something was up.

I remember asking in a pretty serious way, if he had any paper and pen or pencils. He was kind of defiant, and was asking why, and I was trying to say, "BECAUSE I NEED TO FUCKING WRITE SOME SHIT DOWN, DUDE!" He didn't get me any pencil or paper, and was being hesitant, so I decided to just fucking find something for myself. I ran over to the computer desk and started looking for something to write with and to write on.

I saw a cup with some pens/pencils in them, but I was in a frantic state so instead of looking through them I just grabbed a fucking handful. I grabbed the whitest piece of paper that was next to the computer and ran over to the floor to start writing whatever was coming to me.

I noticed that I had grabbed an envelope, and it said "Popular Mechanics." That right there was ..interesting.. because it was as if every small, separate event was part of the building blocks that I needed to convey this "message" of sorts. Meaningful coincidence at every turn.

I went to write with one of the pencils and the fucking thing was not sharpened. So I looked at the other pencils, and noticed that I had grabbed exactly four pencils, none of them were sharpened. Fucking great. Three yellow pencils, and one black pencil. This was funny, because what I was feeling like I needed to write was either a circle or triangle with a fucking dot in the center of it. I immediately realized that what I was trying to draw, in two dimensions on paper, was not sufficient, and this was actually "better" in a way, because I was able to represent the concept using an extra dimension of freedom by using the pencils in three-dimensional space. I was "forced" to represent the concept of an additional dimension, where writing it on paper was not sufficient. After I laid down the pencils and was looking at what I had done, I noticed that I had grabbed the rest of the beer with my left hand, and glanced over at it, noticing the word "Corona."

I immediately knew that I was representing a symbol for the Sun, and the word Corona, just like "Popular Mechanics" being the words on the envelope, was bringing that all together. At this point my friend was kind of freaking out, and was trying to take things from me, like my cell phone. This is where it got even more interesting.

Around this time, his Internet went out, and his show stopped. Also, none of our cell hones were working, and the signal there is shit anyway as far as 3G goes. He had to pay a little more attention to me now. I was getting a little fucking irate because he was trying to stop me. I said something to the effect of: GET A FUCKING PIECE OF PAPER, AND AN ACTUAL WORKING PEN OR SOMETHING (not those exact words.)

He came back with a piece of pink paper and a pen, and I started writing a couple things that came to me:


Those were the main things I wrote down. I don't know why I did, and I had not been really following anything on that comet or Egypt. Some other things kind of "popped into my head," so to speak, and I ended up getting kind of angry, as the tears of "worry" turned into tears of "fury" and I remember saying something like: "THAT FUCKER! NAME STARTS WITH A 'Z!'" I didn't know what I was talking about, but the only guy I would find related to Egypt that I'd ever heard of before was a "Zahi Hawass" though I didn't really know much about him other than he was associated with Egyptology and shit. I don't know.

I had this incredibly bizarre and terrifying feeling of an "asteroid" hitting the earth, and then my head started to spin (not literally.) Water or land? Which was worse? Water? NO. You want it to hit land? That's the only way? But it didn't feel like anything was going to hit. Corona? The Sun's corona was going to "save" everything? It was a comet, right? That's not a fucking asteroid. Would the corona affect the Earth? The pink paper? Venus? What about Venus? She needed to stay safe? I don't know, it was dizzying as fuck. It didn't make any sense. It was like a "brain radio station" tuning into all of the stations at once, it was hard to single any one thing out, but I was trying.

You can imagine that my friend was getting even more freaked out at this point. I was feeling like there was more than one thing with this comet. There were more? I couldn't verify any of this shit online with the computer, or on the phone, because the DSL Internet had so conveniently went out. Tesla? J. Edgar Hoover? Lake Vostok? Its water? What the fuck?

Somehow though I felt everything was Ok, I was calming down quite a bit after writing this shit down, and we ended up going to sleep. At least I did. It was so awkward. The next morning was even more fucking bizarre.

The Next Morning & "The Nightmare":
After waking up the next morning I went into the bathroom downstairs. My friend was making coffee and his wife had woken up. They were in the kitchen and she started talking to him. I was in the bathroom, and she didn't seem to know that. The thing with that bathroom is you can hear everything in the kitchen from there very easily. So I was essentially "eavesdropping by default" lest I plug my fucking ears. So I heard what she was telling him and it made my stomach sink.

[I should add that earlier that morning, before going into the bathroom, the Internet was working again so I went to Google "Comet ISON" and the news result that came up first was something that was posted "17 minutes ago" (at that time) and it was referring to the comet having more than "piece" with it? I don't know. I think it also may have mentioned a date around 11/28, which was peculiar considering I had to write down 11/29 for some reason.]

She was describing to him parts of a nightmare that she had that night, and she was reminding him about how she woke up crying and was freaking out. She was describing this dream where an asteroid was going to hit hit Earth, and went into some bizarre thing about "aliens" and being forced to live on this planet or something. (Us being forced, not "aliens"..) The details are a bit fuzzy (it wasn't my nightmare) and I wish I could have heard it a little bit better. She was talking about something like having a "choice" here or something. The implications of this, I'm not sure. Sounds like some cool sci-fi shit though. It was incredibly strange, and I'm not sure that I am saying all of this correctly. I can only vouch for what happened to me. There was no way for me to really verify the details of her dream then, or now.

I came out of the bathroom and at that point, she immediately appeared kind of shocked. She knew that I heard everything, or almost everything. I had heard enough, that's for sure. I don't know if he told her about what happened with me and him the previous night, but I would imagine he did. I can't imagine that he wouldn't. She had a very strange demeanor the rest of that morning/afternoon, and well.. fuck.. we all did. She wouldn't talk to me, and I wasn't about to bring that shit up. The whole situation was already incredibly fucked, so I ended up leaving a bit later. Awkward does not describe it.

A day or so after that I got a rather "nasty" text from him, so I'm probably not going to be hearing too much from him, or her, from now on. I'm sure you can imagine why..

Do I know what happened? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. But, it seems like she was having this nightmare at probably the same time that I was picking up on these weird thoughts and having those unexplainable emotions. I didn't get anything about "aliens" (though I have some theory as to this nature of "alien" and it isn't what we consider an "alien" as far as popular culture goes.) If the body/mind/spirit complex is at all a possible "receiver," then this could have been like tapping into the signal of her nightmare, in a way. That alone is a pretty interesting concept, in and of itself.

So there, I said it.

As I wrote in the beginning, I was NOT going to post this fucking shit, or really talk about it with many people, but I don't feel like that helps at all. I don't want to "go to my grave" withholding any potentially valuable information, especially if it feels important to share it. If anything, I could make a pretty cool story out of this, and say it was based on a true story, because it is..
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