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Subject Strangeness (UFO's, Dimensionals, and "The Chair")
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Original Message It has taken me a while to come to terms with what I've begun to see but I feel I am now able to properly tell this bizarre story. I am interested to see if anyone has similar experiences or anything to add. Beginning last Summer, I started to experience a sort of "connectedness" to something, the feeling of which can only be described as being "plugged in" to a vast information system. It began with conscious access to loads of data (some that I had learned long ago but could not previously recall and some that I had simply never learned). I did not understand this at first but began to draw similarities to Philip K Dick's "VALIS" or "Vast Active Living Intelligence System." I must explain that there is no conscious influence when connecting to this system...it is simply an information storage unit. I have heard stories about individuals receiving "guidance" or "instructions" from intelligences or entities (this would frankly scare me and lead me to question my mental health) but this is much more like having one's brain plugged into the internet. At a certain point, I began to notice that when I would "connect," wherever my glance met the sky, small, blue star-like objects would appear and slowly zig-zag. They would normally stay in view for several minutes and then ascend until they seemed to leave the atmosphere. I still do not know what these are or if it is a sort of communication being established or something I am manifesting.

Over the Winter, things slowed down (although I still saw many of the blue, star-like objects) until around April. From this point, things seemed to explode. I was working at a bar at this point and discussing this strangeness with a colleague. She said something like, "I have seen something really weird once...it was like..." I, for some reason, cut her off here and said, "I don't know why but I really think I know what you're going to say right now and I want to see if I'm right." She motioned for me to continue. I said, "You saw a bright, green flash of light that lit up the entire sky like green daylight...but for like a second, right?" She looked shocked and replied, "How the fuck did you know that?" "I don't know," I said, "I have no idea how I did that. But I've seen that same thing! I wonder what it is?" This freaked me out a little bit as I had never had "psychic" experiences in the past...but I let it go until a few days later I was relating this story to a man I'd just met (again at the bar I was working at). After I told him the story, he wrote down a few words on a piece of paper and folded it over so I couldn't read it. He said, "Tell me what this says." To which I responded, "I have no idea, man. I don't know how to read minds or anything, that was just a fluke before." He said, "Come on. You did it once before, you can do it again. Just try to tell me what you think this is all about." I attempted to tap into my unconscious mind and responded with something like, "I really think that it is possible to make intentional decisions for the common good...and that we should attempt to do this." I was astonished to see that the paper (when unfolded) said, "INTENTIONAL DECISIONS MADE FOR THE GREATER GOOD." At this point, my mind was reeling. I have never experienced such shock in my entire life. What followed was consistent weirdness for several months:

The following day, I was driving with a friend of mine and she said, "Hey look! My initials on that car's license plate!" Her initials were followed by "496." I got the "VALIS" feeling (which I had become accustomed to) and said, "I know that's fuckin' something. I'm gonna find out what." I ran a few searches and came back with a FLOOD of information. It is related to all superstring theories as a plug-in, it happens to be the date Philip K Dick wrote that our perception was blocked, it happens to be the date the Holy Roman Empire was established. It is also a translation in Hz of human alpha brain waves. There is much more which I have alluded to on my "496" thread:

Thread: "496" Correlational Data

This seemed to set off a chain reaction where everywhere I went I encountered this number, as well as 1.618 (the Fibonacci Sequence). It also lead to the REAL weirdness. I began to notice that either people around me were being influenced by one another in bizarre ways (I.e. they all seemed to be having the same emotions at the same times) or that there were literally consciousnesses working through them. This sounds like a symptom of schizo effective disorders but I must relate that I was well aware of this while it happened. I almost perceived it as "quantum" consciousnesses manifesting in those around me. At first I tried to ignore it but as it went forward I couldn't help but be totally aware of this. I have read about so-called "gaff fighting" and never thought much of it. But this was so remarkably close to the descriptions, it is still hard to ignore. It seemed certain "personalities" would manifest in many of the people around me and actually jump person to person. I still have no idea what I was witnessing.

However, one night, things were TOO REAL to ignore. I showed up (on my night off) to my bar job. I was approached by someone I had hitherto never met. He began to talk philosophy with me...and told me he believed he was a reincarnation (or a vessel) for several philosophers. Several more showed up. They seemed to know who he was and what was going on. Many of these people looked at me and asked one another, "That the new guy?" I was extremely confused but played along (out of pride) because I figured that if I WAS somehow involved in something extraordinary I had better act like I damn well knew what I was talking about. What ensued, for all intents and purposes, seemed like a battle of the gods. It was as if the people around me were manifesting ancient or dimensional personalities which were arguing about life with me. I'd say it was frightening, but honestly I was having too much fun. I should add that there was a strange moment when one of the people I was talking to walked out into the parking lot, looked up, looked back at me and said, "Dude! You made the fucking moon disappear!" I thought this was silly as the moon had probably just been covered up by some clouds but I feel it is of note here because of what followed.

At a certain point, one of the customers (who acts as a bouncer at times) approached me and told me to "slow things down." He said that I was "moving too quickly" and that "changes take time." I honestly had no idea what the hell he was talking about and I told him to stay out of it. This was probably not wise because shortly thereafter the Davie Police arrived and told me I was "trespassing." This was bizarre as I worked at this bar for YEARS but I decided resisting arrest would be foolhardy and quietly complied. In the car, the shit hit the fan. I first noticed that there was something being RELEASED into the back of the cab after the cop shut the sliding window. It stung my eyes and I asked him about it but he ignored me. He then said (AND I QUOTE), "You know there's 10 dimensions right?" I honestly wanted to ask what the fuck he was talking about but my pride got the better of me again and I responded, "Ha...you think there's only 10?" The night was becoming far stranger than any that had come before it. And here comes the kicker:

When I got to the station, I was questioned a few times. I noticed a lack of police staff around (there were only 5 or 6 people there) and asked the man who arrested me, "Who all knows about this?" He pointed to himself and the 5 others without a word. (This is where it gets REALLY weird) They took me aside and sat me down in a LARGE, GREY, METAL CHAIR. On the arm rests were several colored lights and the word "BOSS." I sat for several seconds until one of them said, "Nope. You're not the boss. This one's a regular 'Andy Dick,' huh?" I was utterly confused. Another officer then said this: "So...you ever thought about going somewhere else? Maybe getting your own place? You know...somewhere no one can find you again. You could live out a happy life." I was astonished. It sounded as if I was being offered a bribe. I responded, "No. I'd just really like to know what the hell is going on here." That was enough and, without a word, they put me in the back of a truck and drove me AN HOUR NORTH to ANOTHER jail which was operated (not by Davie Police) but by BSO, which is another group entirely!

I spent the night in a room with which was blocked off from the rest of the jail. It was about 30 by 40 feet and contained 6 or 7 separately blocked off cells. When I heard the screaming inside, I quickly realized I had been put in the mental patient's section of the jail. This was nightmarish and (on an aside) is completely unacceptable. The fact that they were medicating kids who were not competent enough to even explain that they had illnesses (or that they may need some special medication) and had been there FOR MONTHS still makes me sick. I should also mention that whatever the hell kind of "news" they were playing on the television in this room, it was NOT any of the regular news stations we receive here in Florida. It was honestly like watching a horror version of local news network mashups. I was released WITH NO BAIL. I still have not received any explanation as to WHAT I was actually arrested for or why I did not have to pay bail.


Any questions?
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